Nhi Chang on being an early adopter

Nhi Chang on being an early adopter


Why Technology Won’t Replace You

Nhi Chang brings her passions for real estate, agile development, and technology to everything she does. As a self-identifying early adopter and advocate for #proptech (property technology) Nhi is an all-round dynamo. And that’s why we are thrilled to read her recently published article.

If you haven’t already read it, we encourage you read ‘Why Technology Won’t Replace You’. You can find it in Elite Agent’s November print edition. 

To boldly go

In her article, Nhi discusses the importance of being an early adopter, and how to embrace new tech in the Property Management sector. She says that for property managers, the key to preparing for the future is to make sure you’re an early adopter. ‘Being an early adopter gives you the chance to outfox the competition,’ she says. ‘So it’s in your interest to seek it out.’ 

While this one won’t come naturally to most people, that’s kind of where the advantage lies. Getting that valuable head start on your competitors means jumping on new technology before your competitors do.

Doing more of what technology can’t

Above all, she writes, if the last 140 years of data are anything to go by, jobs will absolutely change with the rise of automation. But they tend not to dry up altogether. Less manual work historically has always left more time for people to focus on ‘doing that which technology cannot and should not do.’ What is that, you ask? ‘Build relationships. Make decisions. Experiment. Create. Think.’ 

The workplace of the future

For most property managers, of course this means choosing the right cloud-based Property Management software. But it’s not all they can do to prepare for the workplace of the future.

That’s why, if you’re looking for more advice on how to get ready for the workplace of your future, we recommend you read her full post here.

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Once more, we congratulate Nhi on her publication, and look forward to reading her next article.

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