5 EOFY Marketing Tactics for Property Managers

June 26, 2023

The end of the financial year can often feel like a scramble – there are EOFY statements to prepare, accounts to reconcile, tasks to check off, etc. You know it. The list is endless!

However, EOFY is also a golden opportunity to exercise some exciting marketing tactics. It’s a chance to reflect and reset for the upcoming financial year.

Here are 5 different marketing ideas you can implement as a property manager this EOFY season, and beyond.

Run Social Media Competitions and Giveaways

With over 93% of people online using social media, having a solid presence on social media can help you show up in front of the right people at the right time. You can use different tactics on social media like competitions and giveaways to engage with your community and grow brand awareness.

For example, if you want to inform your followers how your agency stands out from others, you could host a fun giveaway among your clients. Existing clients could submit creative testimonials and the chosen one would get a nice prize like a gift hamper, retail voucher or even a holiday! This way, your clients get to have fun over a prize, you get some quality testimonials for social proof, and your followers can see the value you bring through some quality client testimonials.

Tip: Map your activities based on your objective. Ask yourself (or your team) if the objective is to grow brand awareness, get more leads, position yourself as a local area expert, or a combination of those objectives. Once you know your objectives, you can tailor your social media activities around them.

Partner With a Local Business

Partnering with local businesses helps you establish stronger relationships with your community members and reach new audiences. Consider partnering with local sports venues, schools or restaurants. The type of partnership could look different based on your objectives, the other party’s objectives, the value mutual customers would get, and more.

For example, your agency could hold an EOFY party with a local business, giving the chance to showcase what both businesses have to offer to potential customers.

Another way to partner with them could be through gifts for clients. For example, consider partnering with a local restaurant to gift new tenants a discounted meal or the local grocer for a free fruit basket. This not only leaves a good impression on your clients, but also supports local businesses who have been doing it tough lately.

A referral programme is another way to partner with a local business. Depending on the business you partner with, a referral programme could involve lead or client exchanges, commissions for every referred new customer, or even some form of exclusivity agreement. Although the EOFY is a great time to announce new ventures, referral programmes can start at any reasonable time throughout the year and last as long as needed to generate long-term returns.

Tip: Before you start searching for local businesses to partner with, start with who you already know. Chances are you’ve already got existing connections that would love to partner with you.

Support a good cause

A recent report by IBM showed that more consumers are driven by purpose than value. It’s becoming increasingly important that businesses take the initiative to stand up for something greater to keep purpose-driven consumers happy and engaged.

Supporting charities or not-for-profits always brings people together for a good cause. Brainstorm with your agency to identify causes that align with your agency’s values. Then, work out ways to involve clients and partners.

For example, you could swap hosting an EOFY party for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea instead. Clients and partners could be invited, and the donation link could be shared with the wider community on your social channels.

Another way to give back could be through donation matching. Your agency could set up a fundraiser for not-for-profits that help the homeless and promise to match donations for a cause that’s extremely relevant to the property industry.

Tip: A little goes a long way... Your charitable initiatives don’t always have to be grand gestures. Find ways to incorporate small initiatives in your daily operations to show your ongoing commitment to the greater good.

Refresh your website and content

Sometimes, EOFY marketing activities can be more discreet. Most people turn to the internet to learn about the property sector. With your prospects gathering a lot of their information online, the EOFY is a great opportunity to refresh your website and content to maximise their value for visitors.


The scale of a website refresh can vary. It can go from something as simple as changing the colour of a button to grab the user’s attention to a complete website overhaul.

Website refreshes can also look like:

  • Updating your website’s user interface (UI) to make it easier for site visitors to navigate
  • Using professional high-quality images and virtual tours for your property listings
  • Improving calls-to-action (CTA) in places you want users to interact with
  • Compressing images to recommended specifications to improve site speed
  • Uploading recent testimonials from happy clients
  • Implementing useful widgets that benefit you and your prospects (eg. A chatbot for live enquiries, a scheduling tool for prospects to book calls with your team, Google Maps for visitors to locate your business or even listed properties, etc.)


If your agency creates useful resources like blogs or ebooks, it’s worth revisiting your content strategy.

There are a few ways to go about this.

  • Update your content strategy in line with best practices (eg. Different lengths, formats, channels, etc.)
  • Create a mix of relevant content that discuss current issues in the market (eg. Ways to survive the current rental crisis), as well as some “evergreen” pieces that stand the test of time (eg. How to secure your first home)
  • Update high-performing resources with the latest information (eg. Recent market trends, changes in rules and legislations, etc.)

Tip: Use digital solutions that are tailor-made for you. A solution made specifically for real estate agencies like Agentpoint helps you build high-quality real estate websites that generate and convert leads.

Conduct NPS surveys

With the current rental market posing challenges for property investors, property managers need to keep their finger on the pulse to prevent landlord churn.

If you haven’t conducted a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey in a while, now is the time to do so! NPS surveys are key for understanding landlord sentiment.

Your clients are likely already reflecting on their investments and portfolios during the EOFY. Make the most of this opportunity by asking your clients how they are feeling about your services.

Not only do you get feedback on the quality of customer service you provide, but you can also use the information to anticipate and prevent landlord churn.

Tip: Console Cloud’s Yardstick feature is a net promoter scoring tool that agencies can use to understand how healthy their relationships are with clients by measuring customer sentiment.


If you’d like to learn more about effective marketing tactics that drive leads, check out our ebook – The Ultimate Pipeline Building Blueprint: Insider Secrets to Powerful Marketing + Sales Strategies.

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