Console Cloud top rated property management software wins recent award

October 14, 2020

Console Cloud reviews distinguish Console as high performer on G2

We all know that choosing the right property management software for our team can be critical to sustainable productivity, and ultimately performance. But how do we make that decision?

Customer reviews are your first stop in the research and evaluation process. An unbiased review provider such as evaluates software providers across the software industry.Before any property management software can be considered to enter the category, their value propositions are considered against factors including:

  1. their use among property owners and property managers;
  2. their ability to accurately keep track of financial transactions involving property
  3. automation of daily activities, and
  4. how they provide an effective communication platform for property managers and tenants.

How does G2 collate Console Cloud Reviews?

G2 collates the review data into a digestible format by using two axes that make up the evaluation grid to compare property management software. On the Y (vertical) axis, we have ‘customer satisfaction’. Here data is collected from real user reviews left on; they are honest and often have personalised recommendations by each reviewer. The X (horizontal) axis represents ‘market presence’, which is calculated by the number of user reviews, other information that is publicly available, and data retrieved from third-party sources.These two aspects of the grid come together as an effective tool for measuring property management software side by side, helping us to narrow the search for the best product to increase our agency’s productivity.

Which Console Cloud reviews have contributed to the rating?

Console Cloud reviews on G2 have been increasingly positive. The product has now moved further along the customer satisfaction axis of the grid and into a segment considered by G2 to be a higher performer. The reviewers for Console Cloud shared their insights, remarking consistently on:

  • the ability to have access to the system from anywhere;
  • that the team is always knowledgeable and responsive; and
  • that suggestions for improvements are taken on board, often getting implemented.

Reviewers also praised in-built features optimising property management, such as the lease renewal process, the integration of forms, automatic rent arrears notices, and maintenance management.In addition, Console Cloud provides a dashboard to give property managers a quick overview of each portfolio. This feature has stood out amongst the positive customer reviews that have made Console Cloud a high performer on G2.

Compare property management software

At Console Cloud, we’ve taken the review and research process for property managers one step further by creating the Buyer’s guide to property management software. The e-book tackles tough questions for every property manager such as how to judge how compliant software is. It also looks at how to assess your technology stack, how to measure specific benefits, and how to identify which software can actually make you money, rather than just save you a little in the short term. We encourage you to support your search for the best product by downloading it here for free.

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