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SMS Messaging

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Deliver the next generation of customer experiences with automated and chat communications with SMS - all from within Console Cloud.
Using Console SMS can save you time through automated, consistent follow-up, personalised to your agency's voice.
Consistent and personalised SMS is the secret sauce helping agencies to improve their performance, such as reducing their average arrears to under 4-days.

Save time and reduce the back and forth with automated SMS, and also manage your SMS like email.

You can even follow up with tenants by automatic SMS messages sent after an email to prompt them to check their inbox.

Build scalable journeys,
customised to your agency

Audit trials

Audit trails are automatically logged on the contact timeline.

Automated journeys

Set up your automated communications in each workflow, using customisable templates at each communication stage.

Customise for each client

SMS in arrears can be turned on
and off for each client.

Track performance

View the performance and volume of your SMS sends and replies through simple dashboard filtering

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