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Manage your team, your business, your day and identify growth opportunities with Analyticsᐩ
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See your data in a new light

Understanding your data has never been easier, with data visualisation including calendars, maps, line, bar and pie charts beautifully designed for easy reference.

Track your performance

With sleek new KPI Dashboards, view everything from property intelligence, team performance and portfolio analysis.

Customise your reports

Our 26 customisable reports cover your business from Inspections, Lease Renewals, Rent Reviews and more, right through to Property Manager KPI Dashboards, there is no part of your agency left unseen.

Zoom in on trends with maps

Dive into portfolio information in map views such as rental amounts by location, and drill down with adjustable filters. Visualise your data and keep your finger on the pulse.

Forecast your performance

Use our suite of AI infused dashboards to help predict trends and forecast your data into the future, giving you insights your competitors wish they had.

Drill down to see what matters

Need to go deeper, no worries! Drill down into an Office, Portfolio or Property level by the fields you have in Console Cloud. We make this easy in just a few clicks.

Get the insights your competition
wish they had

Increased business efficiency

Data-driven business decisions

Improved customer experience

Improved employee satisfaction

Trusted and governed data

Increased competitive advantage

Laptop with a dashboard inside

Made for efficiency

Focus on Decision Making
We take the data analysis part out, so you can focus on growing your business.
Data Driven
Lead with data driven advice to your owners using informed intel.
Call to Action Design
Super intuitive and super easy with all the business intelligence you need under one roof.
Tooltip Explanations
Unsure what data is being analysed, our tooltips explain everything you need to know.
Drill Downs Capabilities
It’s simple to get to the bottom of things. Dive deeper into your data and uncover insights.
Save or Print as PDF
Customise your print layout too and save it for regular reporting. Why make things hard?
Compare timeframes easily and filter only what you need to see.
Jump to Dashboard
Head back to your main dashboard in a jiffy so you never lose your place.

Use your data to your advantage

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