7 Benefits of SMS Notifications: Enhancing Tenant-Property Management Relationships

December 1, 2024

In the fast-paced world we live in today, communication is key to maintaining positive relationships, and this is no exception in the realm of property management. As technology continues to advance, where you can rest assured 85.74% of the world's population own a smartphone, that’s 6.93 billion people (Statista, 2023), of which many people can attest to their carriage of their phone being within arm's length at most times. Property management agencies need to look for innovative ways to streamline their processes and enhance tenant experience that truly resonates.  

One such game-changer is the integration of SMS as an essential part of the agency-tenant relationship dynamic. SMS notifications brought into property management practices bring many benefits that foster improved communication and collaboration between tenants and management agencies.  

1. Optimal Engagement:

SMS notifications offer a non-intrusive yet effective way to engage with tenants. SMS has an open rate of 98%, unlike emails that may go unnoticed in crowded inboxes with average open rates of 20%. SMS messages ensure that tenants are more likely to receive and read important updates promptly. This optimal engagement contributes to a smoother communication flow and strengthens the tenant-management relationship.  

Our Console data shows with SMS enabled, your tenants respond with a median of 4 hours, compared to days later with this feature off.

2. Streamlined Communication:

Gone are the days of missed phone calls and overlooked emails. SMS notifications provide a direct and immediate channel for property management agencies to communicate important information with tenants. Whether it's a scheduled inspection reminder, routine maintenance notice, or friendly reminders, tenants can receive essential information promptly, ensuring they are always in the loop.  


3. Inspection Reminders:

Routine property inspections are a standard part of property management, often a source of stress for tenants. SMS notifications alleviate this stress by providing timely reminders, helping tenants prepare for inspections and ensuring the property is in optimal condition. This proactive approach not only enhances the tenant's experience prior to your arrival, but also contributes to maintaining the property in good condition.


4. Arrears Notices:

Prompt rent payments are crucial for both tenants and property management agencies. SMS notifications serve as a gentle and timely reminder for tenants about upcoming rent payments, reducing the likelihood of arrears, which everyone can agree, is bad for business. This proactive communication helps tenants manage their finances more effectively and fosters a positive financial relationship between the tenant and the property management agency.


5. Increased Tenant Satisfaction:

By leveraging SMS notifications, property management agencies demonstrate a commitment to efficient communication, which enhances overall tenant satisfaction and the reputation of your agency. Tenants appreciate the convenience of receiving important information directly to their phones, making them feel valued and respected. This positive experience contributes to long-term tenant retention and fosters a sense of trust in the landlord-tenant relationship.


6. Real-time Updates:

In the dynamic world of property management, real-time updates are invaluable. SMS notifications allow property management agencies to quickly communicate changes in plans, updates on maintenance progress, or other relevant information. This instant communication fosters transparency and builds trust between tenants and property management agencies. A smooth experience for both tenant and agency = a job well done.

7. Reduce Disputes:

Disputes are a time suck, something nobody likely enjoys. Thankfully with SMS notifications you can help mitigate them before they arise. Notifying tenants of scheduled entry notices to remind them of the date and time is exceptionally important when a tradesperson is required to access the property. By giving your tenants this courtesy it can save disputes when the tradespeople turn up to the property. SMS notifications can also mitigate disputes if tenants claim that they have not seen time sensitives and essential forms such as Entry Notices, Notice to Leave or Rent Increases.

By now, it’s clear to see the adoption of SMS notifications into property management practices represents a win-win for both tenants and management agencies. By embracing this technology, property managers demonstrate a commitment to efficient communication, transparency and tenant satisfaction. The positive impacts are far-reaching, contributing to smoother operations, improved property maintenance, and most importantly, the cultivation of a strong and positive relationship between tenants and property management agencies.  

As the real estate landscape evolves, embracing innovative communication tools like SMS notifications becomes not just a convenience but a crucial step towards building a more connected and collaborative rental experience for all parties involved.

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