‘All-in’ on Flagship Property Solution Console Cloud, as Gateway Retires

May 23, 2021

Console Group (Console) has been a leader in delivering real estate, property management and trust accounting software for almost 30 years and continues its commitment through the advancement of its fastest-growing proptech, Console Cloud.

In the last two years, Console Cloud has achieved some impressive milestones with almost 2000 offices upgrading their software and with many agencies reporting rent roll productivity increases by as much as 40 per cent.

Console Cloud has proven itself as the leading solution in supporting property managers, owners and tenants to optimise every aspect of their rent roll performance and management.

Console Cloud’s one platform of broad capability, smartflows, apps and portals are enabling agencies to hustle faster, grow smarter, get more done, and manage fearlessly.

Recently, group investors demonstrated their confidence in the future of Console Cloud with their series B investment round of $7.5 million propelling efforts into the design of new features including the introduction of features Console Sales and Console Go Inspect as the next-generation developments in inspection applications and end-to-end automation.

Further, the business is proud to unveil its newest capability, Console Commercial – an elite feature in Console Cloud that supports property experts to manage commercial portfolios of any size and open up new market opportunities for their customers.

Console CEO Charlie Holland said the next growth phases would focus on delivering never-before-seen benchmarking insights and business intelligence tools that would give property leaders greater confidence in driving data-led decisions across portfolios and profitability.

“For three decades, we have shared our property knowledge through Console Gateway which supported property management agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

“Today, we have capitalised on all that knowledge and learning and funnelled those efforts into the sophisticated Console Cloud solution that will withstand the decades to come and assist agencies in identifying leakages and profit opportunities.

“The capability of Console Cloud is highly scalable owing to its robust architecture and design and has been infinitely enhanced by the years of leading sector knowledge and insights generated by its Gateway predecessor,” Holland said.

The streamlined design of Console Cloud has allowed for significant advancements including the rollout of Console Commercial which herald features including reductions in time expenditure of routine tasks, issuing recurring invoices for rent and outgoings, on-charging owner bills to tenants with ease, grouping properties by building for top-down budget allocation, the capture and tracking of insurance expiries, compliance obligations and maintenance activities.

“The Commercial rollout will also take care of automating much of the expiring compliance items attached to properties, provide simple payment options for owners with multiple assets and share easy-to-read statements for owners which will summarise their income and expenses.

“The Commercial aspect is very exciting and equally as exciting as the next growth phase we’re working on which will provide leading information resources and tools to support the lifelong education of new property managers entering the industry and those that guide them,” Holland said.

Console announced this month that after 30 years of circulation the Gateway platform will retire in July 2021. Upgrade paths to Console Cloud are being made available to all Gateway subscribers through to September 2021.

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