Console Cloud now Partners with REVA Property Management Consulting

February 1, 2021

Partnership Announcement: REVA Property Management Consulting

Brisbane and Toowoomba1 February 2021LeadAustralian software firm Console announces the addition of Evie Albrew of REVA Property Management Consulting to its panel of certified Console Cloud partners. To help meet the increasing demands of a growing Console Cloud community, the REVA team has been certified through the partner program. They now have the expertise needed to support all the businesses they serve.

About REVA

REVA hails from far North Queensland, and now has legs in the state’s south west in Toowoomba. The firm is a full-service real estate support company, where businesses can choose to outsource work to on-shore, Australian-based virtual assistants. REVA is not afraid of getting into the weeds of office and property management processes, as well as cleansing portfolios and rent roll data for sale, and providing customised structures for growth.

Evie-Maree Albrew, Director of EVA Property Management Consulting

REVA’s Evie Albrew says, ‘Agencies who use Console Cloud’s workflows and suite of apps, and are supported by REVA’s services, will become more profitable and efficient.

Their day-to-day management of properties will simply take less time, and less effort—meaning it will cost these agencies less as a result. ‘This means agencies can focus more on growing their portfolio and their income,’ says Albrew.

Simple, accessible, and transparent

Albrew says, ‘What attracted me to Console Cloud is how easy it is to use. It’s imperative that any system or process is easy to follow consistently. Our clients need to be able to access the information they need, on the run.’

While REVA works with customers using a range of property management software including PropertyMe and PropertyTree, their opinions of Console Cloud are high. Albrew says, ‘I love it! Console Cloud is really my go-to system now. It’s grown so much in the last 12 months.’

As a Console Cloud partner, REVA can assist property management agencies that are using or upgrading to Console Cloud. This means they can work in Console Cloud with confidence, and get real value from the software.

Partnerships Manager Natasha Anich says, ‘The Console Cloud partner network is growing. The increase in interest is in part due to the attention that Console Cloud is receiving in industry networks.

‘Agencies choosing Console Cloud and working with one of our partners can rest assured that our partners haven’t got their certification out of a cereal box.  We have a selective intake, which means we are only working with the best and most knowledgeable service providers. They really do become Cloud experts at the end of our partner training program.’

Interested in becoming a Console Cloud Partner?  Contact our partnerships team to learn more.

About Console: Console is a leading Australian provider of real estate sales, property management, and trust accounting software. Console was proudly founded in 1992 in Brisbane, Queensland, and has evolved from selling server-based trust accounting systems, to developing true SaaS enterprise software.

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About REVA Property Management Consulting (REVA):  REVA Is an Australian-based real estate support company that provides a professional and specialised service to improve productivity, staff retention and profitability, for all sized agencies, through better systems and processes. They offer outsourcing support for all activities with virtual assistants working on-shore in Australia. They’re focused on helping agencies tackle business growth, and removing the overwhelming amount of admin tasks.

To learn more about REVA Property Management Consulting or to get in touch, visit | Facebook | Linkedin

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