How to calculate your local market share

Discover your position in the market

Calculate your local market share with our no-nonsense guide which will help you define your position in the property management market.

By figuring out both your own and your rival’s position, you’ll be able to set targeted goals to grow your rent roll.

Our guide is filled with industry-specific formulas, tables and insights to help you determine your market share based on information you have already.

This workbook will take you 30 minutes, and all you need is a calculator, a computer and a couple of reports you would have on hand - no Console Cloud subscription required.

About this ebook

How to calculate your local market share is a property management-specific guide to estimating the portfolio size of your rivals, understanding your position in the market, and setting realistic growth targets based on the number of rental properties and competitors in your local territory.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Calculate your market territory distribution among suburb boundaries
  • Estimate the size of your closest rivals
  • Measure the share of market between you and your competitors, even with incomplete data
  • Set rent roll growth goals based on a formula of the number of competitors and number of rental properties in your defined territory.

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