Why Customisation is Critical in Property Management Software

March 21, 2023

Property management software is an essential tool for managing real estate and rental properties. However, not all property management software is created equal. 

To be truly effective, it should allow property managers to streamline their workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and easily access important information. Property management software that is customisable to meet the needs of property management business can make or break an agency's success.

Let’s explore why customisation in property management software is critical for success.

Custom Data Fields on Record Management

One of the key features of customisable property management software is the ability to create custom fields on record management. Every property manager has different data points that they need to track, and having the ability to add custom fields allows them to capture the information that matters most to their business. For example, a property manager may want to track the number of pets and pet details that a tenant has, or the date of the last HVAC service on a property, or any other property attributes. By adding custom fields, property managers can quickly and easily access this information when they need it, without having to sift through a mountain of data. Who has time for that?!

Business Intelligence with Customisable Reporting 

Another critical feature of customisable property management software is business intelligence reporting. Business intelligence reporting allows property managers to see trends and patterns in their data, which can help them make better decisions about how to manage their properties.

With Analyticsᐩ in Console Cloud, property managers can quickly and easily access important data to make informed decisions about their properties. With the ability to filter and drill down into their reporting, these settings can be saved for quick access to a report that works just the way they need. We take it a step further with our customisable dashboards available in Premium. Save the dashboard with essential reports (customised with filters to your preferences) for simple analysis later. 

Automated Workflows

Automating tasks and actions are another essential feature in property management software. But not all automation is ‘true’ automation. You can check out our blog here on what that means. However in Console Cloud, our workflows are the real deal. They are highly customisable and allow agencies to automate an array of tasks that would otherwise waste time, reduce efficiency and cost the agency money. 

By removing the many repetitive tasks that property managers need to complete on a regular basis, such as sending rent reminders or scheduling property maintenance, the software can work alongside an agency to ensure all tasks get done, even after hours!

Customising our automated workflows allow property managers to automate these tasks, freeing up their time to focus on more important aspects of their business. For example, a property manager could set up a customised Arrears workflow to send rent reminders to tenants on specific days and times of the week, with an email or SMS written just how the agency prefers in their own brand voice. 

Having a Software Program Work for You, Not Against You

Perhaps the most critical reason why customisation in property management software is so important is that it allows the software program to work for you, not against you. Not all property management software is user-friendly, and if the software is difficult to use, it can actually slow down your workflows and make your job more difficult. By customising elements of your property management software to meet your agency needs, you can ensure that the software works seamlessly with your to help simplify the busy schedules, and help bring efficiency back in the game.  

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