Transparent communications with SMS

Deliver the next generation of customer experiences with automated and chat communications with SMS - all from within Console Cloud.

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Build scalable journeys,
customised to your agency

Consistent and personalised SMS is the secret sauce helping agencies to improve their performance, such as reducing their average arrears to under 4 days. Save time and reduce the back and forth with automated SMS, and also manage your SMS like email.

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Choose your audience

Whether you just need to get in touch with one tenant or contact your entire rent roll, SMS makes it easy for you to get your message across.

Be on-brand

You know your clients best - that’s why your automated communications will be anything but robotic, with customisable templates and scheduling to maintain your authentic connection.

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Find new ways to communicate


Communication Workflows
SMS communications are embedded within the workflows, with the ability to manage manual replies and record communication history.


Arrears made easy
Choose which tenants receive their automated SMS arrear notices for the best timing in a simple workflow.


Keep in touch
Make it easy for tenants, owners and creditors to reply to your messages using mail merge fields with all your details.

See how SMS driven arrears workflow can save up to 40% of your time

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