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Automate your payment collection

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Console pay

Helping agencies stay in the black

Console Pay is a powerful direct debit and receipting solution that helps property managers take control of tenant payments.

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Console pay

Simpler rent, bond, and invoice payments

Set up simple payment schedules for tenants, reducing arrears. Manage bond and invoice transactions, and disburse to owners on time.

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Console Pay's auto-receipting and deposit-matching all within the program is simple and easy to use and saves us time on administration.

Mark McDonald
Student Housing Australia
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Rent receipting is usually a lengthy process that takes around 30 minutes if we do it manually. Now with Console Pay, it only takes us 5 minutes and it's super easy.

Alana Barry
Realway Property Consultants Northlakes
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We recommend our tenants to use Console Pay because it doesn't need customer reference numbers so there are less chances for mistakes and missing payments.

Sophia Allen
Place Annerley

Console Pay features


Faster and easier receipting

Don’t waste hours receipting. Console Pay automatically matches payments for you in Console Cloud and auto-receipts them at the click of a button.


Automate collections

Set tenants’ payment schedules, including frequency and amounts. Making changes is easy and simple too, so you and your tenants have more flexibility.


Greater visibility

Console Pay lets you see tenant payments at a glance, including any dishonoured payments, so you can get in touch with them before things get out of hand.


Cleared funds, quicker

Collected payments are cleared and deposited into your trust account within two working days.


Happy owners

Disburse to landlords on time, every time. Direct debit collection reduces the risk of late payments.


Happy tenants

Give your tenants one less thing to remember, with our set and forget direct debit payment collection.


Save on bank fees

Say goodbye to those individual deposit fees. When tenants use Console Pay, you’ll receive one daily deposit into your trust account.


Compatible with all banks

No matter who you or your tenants bank with, Console Pay is compatible with all Australian banks.

Reduce arrears with Console Pay

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