One of us | Tracy McPhee

This week, we're talking to Tracy McPhee. Tracy is an outgoing Queenslander, and a cornerstone of our support team at Console. She explains the reasons why she loves what she does, and shares her predictions for the future of the real estate industry.

Tracy McPhee Console Property Management Software

Fast Facts
Name: Tracy McPhee
Role: Operations Manager
Is it ok to put pineapple on a pizza? Yes, I love it.
Spirit animal: Butterfly (According to ‘The Google’)
If you could sit down to dinner with anyone from history, who would it be? All of my family, past and present.

About Tracy
Tracy grew up in Queensland’s north west. After a 13 year stint in telecommunications, she decided to branch out and try something completely different, and turned to real estate. Tracy has been with Console since 2015. And as our Operations Manager, she's a driving force behind the amazing Customer Service Support Team.

What views would you most like to challenge about working in a support role?
People think that working in support is easy. They underestimate the knowledge and resilience staff need to be successful in this area. I’m truly proud of each and every member of our Support Team.

What is the hardest thing about your job?
I think the hardest thing is enabling our clients to feel empowered. There are a lot of tasks that by nature we want someone to do for us. But if we learn to do that thing ourselves, we become much more effective.

What is your philosophy of work?
believe that sometimes it takes a village to get things done, so we need to work together. In tandem with that, it's important to recognise that everyone has valuable—but often diverse—experiences and knowledge. We need to embrace this, and learn from everyone around us.

What do you predict will happen in the real estate industry in 2019?
I think there will be changes ahead for investors. Negative gearing and capital gains tax laws may have an effect on housing prices.

What would you like to see in the future of property management?
Simplicity. There are a lot of administrative and manual tasks property managers have to do in a given week, and it would be nice if they could be automated, to save PMs some time. I would also like to see inspections made easier by making them faster and more efficient. A great example right now is Console Pay, which helps our clients by managing their receipting more efficiently, and with more accuracy.

Who has been influential in building your career?
My dad, Brian, he was a quiet achiever who believed in the power of people. He knew how important it was to look after your teammates. He taught me that everyone has potential, but that their potential might be realised differently. Not everybody finds their feet the same way.

What achievement would you like to be celebrating a year from now?
I would really love to be celebrating continued customer satisfaction and an elevated NPS (Net Promoter Score). We really want our clients to love the experience they get from Console Support!

Tracy is a truly indispensable member of our Console family. We're extremely proud of everything she's achieved so far, and look forward to watching her and her support team continue to excel in the future.