Lock down your sensitive info, and then take a look at this.

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'Access all areas' passes are exclusive for a reason.

Locking down who sees your agency’s sensitive information is one of the simplest and most powerful things you can do to protect your business.

It seems obvious to talk about the advantages of restricting user permissions in Console Cloud. For one thing, partitioning off sensitive information and tools from those who don’t need them seems intuitively like a good way to manage risk.

But there’s more to it than that. Last week we launched two features, Permissions and Insights, at the same time.

Here's a little bit about why they depend on each other, and how you can use them to defend and grow your business. 

The principle of least privilege

In our world (of property management software development) we refer to a design rule called the ‘principle of least privilege’. The essential idea is that software users should have access to exactly the information and resources they need to do their job. Not more, and not less.

We consider it best practice because it:

  • protects businesses’ sensitive information
  • reduces the risk of cyber attacks and what attackers can access
  • makes it easier to audit and track who did what, while also
  • making it harder for staff to make boo-boos or act maliciously (because they lack access to some tools!)

And in a nutshell, that's why we built user permissions into Console Cloud. We've organised them by property management roles, because it makes it easier for users to assign the right access.

So if you’re on Console Cloud, you can now instantly boost business security and minimise risk. Hooray!

How to lock down user permissions and roles

If you’re in Console Cloud, go to Settings > Users. From there, you can edit and assign role-based access. Here’s a little peek at what our permissions levels look like:


In the first 24 hours of releasing permissions, agencies with more than two Console Cloud users began editing and assigning permissions. And in the first week since we've released it, we've had 72% of agencies with more than two users assign and edit permissions.

Locked down permissions? It’s time to check out our powerful new Insights tool.

We know it’s a priority for business owners to develop their business without having to get stuck in the proverbial weeds. And we had an idea of the kind of financial and critical rent roll stats business owners wanted to see on a dashboard. 

The problem was we weren’t able to launch a dashboard showing this data until we had made sure only the right people could see it. But now that permissions and role-based access is here, we can now share Insights with you too.

The Insights feature is “[T]here to help you monitor the health of your business, diagnose problems to be addressed, and track historical trends. It's helping you work *on* your business, without the need to be working *in* your business."

Stuff that keeps principals awake at night

Insights isn’t just a regular dashboard. Rather than leaving you to guess what your vacancy rate says about the health of your business, we’ve gone right ahead and pulled out the data we think you’re more likely to care about.

Basically, we want to help principals sleep a little better at night. According to one of Console Cloud's Product Owners, Travis Henke, the Insights feature is “[T]here to help you monitor the health of your business, diagnose problems, and track historical trends. It's helping you work *on* your business, without the need to be working *in* your business."

So it shows you the value of your rent roll, at a glance?

Yes, pretty much. The Insights dashboard focuses on metrics like how much revenue property management is generating for your business on a monthly basis, and where that revenue comes from, fee- and commission-wise. It can also show you your average monthly recurring revenue, how well your portfolio is scaling, and plenty more besides.

How to find insights in Console Cloud

Once you’ve assigned permissions in Console Cloud, anyone who has administrator access will be able to view the Insights tab from the main navigation panel. If they don't have administrator access, they won't be able to see the tab at all. Easy.

And finally, if you’re not on Console Cloud: here’s a sneak peek at what it looks like:


Interested in learning more about Console Cloud? You can find out more here.

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