Console Cloud announces new integration partner YourPorter


Did you know that we are connected with YourPorter?

Console Cloud’s list of connection integration partners now includes utility connection service provider, YourPorter.

Australian real estate and property management businesses now have the added ability to automate their YourPorter referrals through Console Cloud!

YourPorter has strategically brought people into the business with backgrounds in real estate so they truly understand their customers’ needs. The team at YourPorter focus on helping to connect their clients to services when they move into their property saving them time in organising their connections, and for free!

Services include; electricity, gas, internet, phone, pay TV, water, a range of insurance products, and more.

The integration with Console Cloud allows easy referral automation, so agencies can focus on servicing and growing their clients whilst increasing revenue into their business.

YourPorter, General Manager, Martin Foreman says “We want to help our real estate partners maximise their opportunities in the utility connection space by providing a simple solution for them to assist their customers”

“Console Cloud is a central part of business for some of our clients and by partnering with Console Cloud we are helping to lessen the workload of the Property Managers and increase their serviceability to their customers as well as increase revenue into the business”

Console’s Partnership and Integration Manager Emily Hawkes says ‘We are excited to welcome YourPorter into the Console Cloud marketplace. We have clients who use YourPorter, and by providing an automation for referrals in Console Cloud, it allows our clients to save time whilst generating more revenue.’

Automating the process

The integration provides a quick and easy way for Property Managers and their Agencies to pass clients through to YourPorter to enable them to help their clients.

Console Cloud users interested in linking their office to YourPorter can find out more information and activate from within the Marketplace tab in Console Cloud. Once linked, you will be able to automatically send your referrals when creating a tenant agreement.


About Console: Console has been the leading Australian and New Zealand provider of real estate, property management, and trust accounting software for 29 years. Its flagship product, Console Cloud, is the fastest-growing cloud-based property management software platform.

About Console Cloud: Console Cloud powers successful real estate agencies by helping property management professionals do less, make more, and grow more. Console Cloud is designed differently from other software to change how property managers deliver services. We’ve built clever workflows to help you do less admin, powerful business insights to help you make better decisions, and rich trust accounting functionality to let you do what you need to without workarounds.

So if you’re ready to do less admin, give customers better insights and value, and spend more time growing your portfolio, Console Cloud might be for you.

About YourPorter: YourPorter was co-founded in November 2013 by CEO Tony Zarka and leading real estate groups to offer real estate agents’ ownership in the utility connections business. Over the intervening eight years, the company has demonstrated exceptional growth and innovation.  Joining forces in 2019 with technology-driven utility comparison and connection services compare & connect, run by CEO Neil Saligrama, positioned the business to deliver market-leading technology to the industry. To learn more visit | Instagram | Facebook

Contact for more information and interest in integration: Emily Hawkes, Partnerships & Integrations — Console 1300 131 311



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