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The Reapit Property Management Academy is our education and learning portal for the Console Cloud and InspectRealEstate environment. Showcase your knowledge and achievements with our professional certifications.

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Reapit Property Management Academy

About Reapit Property Management Academy

The Reapit Property Management Academy is our full suite learning platform dedicated to up-skilling and training in our property management and lettings software with only the latest and greatest learning content! With major Learning Paths and over 30 individual courses, our training programs will ensure you find your inner property management guru!

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Get Certified

Prove your proficiency and get certified with our recognised property management and lettings software credentials. We issue certifications on completion of Learning Paths and micro courses. Collect badges to showcase your skill development and progress then share your achievements on any social channel.

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Free Access

As a Console or InspectRealEstate customer, you get completely free access to our educational resources. With major Learning Path certifications and micro-courses, you can self-enrol and track your progress, or your agency can enrol you on their behalf. With incredible flexibility, learn bite size courses at your own pace or challenge yourself and complete our comprehensive Learning Paths.

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Interactive Learning

There are multiple ways to learn, that’s why we’ve built fun and interactive methods to help you work through our training programs. With interactive quizzes, videos, walkthroughs and more, we are committed to helping you develop your skills in Console Cloud and InspectRealEstate.

Learn on Mobile

Download the Litmos app and learn on the go!

Type in the site ‘Console’ and select ‘Other sign in options’ to login with your Console Cloud details for a mobile friendly learning experience you can use
anywhere, anytime.

Please note: Mobile learning is only available for Console Cloud login credentials only.

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