One of us: Samantha Thorne


This week, we profile Samantha Thorne. Samantha is an easy-going Terrigal Beach native, and a favourite sales representative with our customers. She explains the importance of mentors in real estate, and why she genuinely loves what she does.

Fast Facts

Name: Samantha Thorne
Role: Sales representative
Is it OK to put pineapple on a pizza?: It’s essential, in fact. Pineapple and cheese are non-negotiables on a pizza, end of story.
Spirit animal: wolf
If you could sit down to dinner with anyone from history, who would it be: Audrey Hepburn. Besides being a legendary actress, Audrey was a stalwart humanitarian who survived WWII, and went on to become an ambassador for UNICEF for children. I admire her fortitude, utter fearlessness, and her determination to do what was right.

About Samantha

Samantha Thorne began working with Console in early 2018, relocating to sunny Queensland from Terrigal Beach in New South Wales. Besides the odd faux pas of wearing a blue shirt on State of Origin game days, Sam has settled in happily in Brisbane, and has made herself an indispensable member of the sales team.

So tell us about working in sales. Why are you drawn to this style of role?

The communication. I genuinely enjoy talking to clients and being part of the real estate industry, even if it is from the other side of the phone line. I love the amazing people that I began my career working with, and in this role, I feel I can provide them with products that are designed to make their life easier.

What view would you most like to challenge about working in sales?

Sales has a reputation for ostentation and sleaziness, but for most of us (and especially for everyone here at Console), I promise that’s not the reality. We really value our customers, and our goal is to see people happy and confidently using our software.

What would you like to see in the future of property management?

Property managers work superhuman hours, and while some of them thrive in that sort of environment, it frequently burns people out. It’s a high priority of ours to make sure their work days become more manageable and sustainable.

Who has been influential in building your career?

Brett Hunter of Raine & Horne in Terrigal Beach. Brett has been an incredible mentor to me, giving me my first start in real estate sales and prospecting. Brett taught me to embrace change, and that your work ethic is one of your best assets. In an industry where everyone charges similar rates and provides a similar service, the best way to differentiate yourself is by going the extra mile for clients. That’s what sets you apart from your competitors.

Brett has also taught me the importance of quality communication to maintaining relationships with prospects and clients. If it’s a choice between a meeting and a phone call, choose the meeting. If it’s a choice between an email and a phone call, choose the phone call.

We appreciate the great work Samantha does for our customers, and we’re looking forward to watching her career blossom at Console.

Want to read about some of other staff members? Meet Travis Henke, one of our Console Cloud Product Owners, who helps translate the needs of property managers into the computer code and features we use in our products.



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