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What's new in Console Cloud?

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February 2021

Updates, Updates, Read all about it!!

What’s New

Inspection (VIC) –

Now all VIC legislation related requirements are completed and Live for VIC clients 

In line with the reforms, a number of questions have been added to the Entry/Exit pdf report, Console Go Inspect and Console Cloud.  Those additional question are: 

  • Is a telephone line connected to the rented premises?
  • Is an internet line connected to the rented premises?
  • Is the rented premises connected to the national broadband network (NBN)?
  • What is the location of NBN connection in the rented premises?
  • Date of last smoke alarm test
    Date of last electrical safety check test
  • Date of last gas safety check
  • Date of last swimming pool barrier compliance check

Console Commercial – Our new Commercial Module will help you manage your commercial property portfolio with ease and efficiencies unseen in any other Cloud platform.  Encompassing smart workflows and centralized data management your need for external record keeping is nullified.  Activate here

Inspection Terminology (VIC) –  Terminology changes have been made to the Entry and Exit pdf report.  Tenant has been replaced with Renter and Lessor/Agent has been replaced with Rental Providor/Agent. The text in Section 11 of the new legislation has been added to the front page and additional disclaimers for the tenant about signing are now included on the last signature page..

What’s New
    • Resi Connect Integration – New utility connection service integration, get commissions while helping tenants get their utilities connected. Learn more

    • Compliance (VIC) –  The wording “Gas Heaters” has been updated to “Gas Safety Check” in the property page and compliance workflow.  Also the wording for “RCD/Safety Switches” has been updated to “Electrical Safety”.  This wording update will also reflect in your automated communications sent to contractors from the compliance workflow.

    • Inspection – The entry and exit inspections have been updated in Cloud to show “Extra Information” for WA, QLD and other states.  We are currently working on capturing “Extra Information” required for VIC’s new legislation.

    • Water Charging – You now have the option to select Excess Consumption under the Charge for water section of your tenant agreement.
What’s New
    • Maintenance Pro – We’ve simplified the way for you to get to the Maintenance Pro dashboard so it’s now quicker to get to what really matters. Learn more

    • Maintenance Pro – Now part of Console SMS Plans, you can turn on SMS in Maintenance Pro and easily share real-time updates with your owners, tenants, and trades so nothing is missed and repairs are resolved quicker. Learn more


    • Snug Integration – Power up you tenancy application workflow with the new Snug integration, now available in Cloud.  Learn more

    • Console Go Inspect – You can now duplicate an entire previous inspection, mark areas done to track your progress, easily notify tenants when their inspection starts and finishes and check keys out and back in balk.  Learn More

    • Rent Reviews – Add rent reviews & changes directly from the Tenant Agreement.  Learn More

    • Property Features – Additional property features can now be added to a property.  Learn More
What’s New
    • Console Pay Failed Payments – Manage failed payments from one screen Learn More

    • Console Pay in Workflows – Console Pay is now part of the lease renewal and vacate workflows. Learn more about Console Pay in Lease Renewals and in Vacates

    • Console Pay Remove Payer – Remove Console Pay payers in one click with automatic payment cancellations.  Learn more

    • Console Pay update one payment – You can now update one payment at a time for recurring rent schedule payments.

    • Tenant App & Console Pay – Tenants can now update their payment method directly in the tenant app.  Learn more

What’s New
    • Bulk receipting – We’ve reduced the risk of accidentally receipting other funds (e.g. invoices, bond, etc) to rent and no longer pre-select the option Automatically select amounts that are part payments of rent in Settings > Banking.  Learn More

    • Inspection Fee – Set up Inspection Fees for Routines and Entry/Exits.  Cloud will automatically charge the fee on close of inspection. Learn More


    • Console Pay Invoice Payer Preference – Track tenant’s invoice preference.  Learn more
    • Notifications – You will now receive a notification, with a red dot on the communication icon, when an owner or tenant responds to a lease renewal intent.


    • Full Tenant Ledger – Download tenant deposit reports for full tenancy periods.  Access via Accounts > Reports > Full Tenant Ledger.


    • Fraud DetectionIdentify and be notified when a potential fraud payment is madeLearn more


    • Property Inspection Manager (PIM) IntegrationNew inspection integration available.  Property Inspection Manager offers a native app inspection service. Learn more
    • Commercial is coming soon! This will be an optional, paid add-on feature with full commercial functionality for agencies that manage commercial properties, or a mix of both commercial and residential. Want to see how it works? Check out this on-demand webinar.
    • Handling repairs is now easier—Recent Maintenance Pro upgrades mean it’s a breeze managing repair job requests. Discover more benefits on the product feature page
What’s New
    • Inspection Notice—Now moved to templates and editable. Head to your templates and filter by Inspections to start editing your Inspection Notice. Attachments have migrated from the fixed template to the editable template. Learn more
    • Entry/Exit Inspection Photos—You can now download the entry and exit inspection photos each time you download the report. Learn more
    • Inspection Timeline – View all inspection actions in the property timeline when you filter by Inspections. Tenant timelines also show inspection actions. 
    • Tenant Invoice Summary—A new report shows all outstanding invoices for a tenant, including any invoice payments, which may be helpful for tribunal hearings or as a summary for tenants. To access, navigate to Accounts > Reports > Tenant Invoice Summary.
    • New User Permissions options—More permission settings for Property Management and Trust Accounting users. Learn more
    • Rent calculator—Easily find out how much rent would be owing up to a specific date. Learn more
    • Forms Live (VIC)—New Commercial specific forms now available in your Forms Live subscription. By the way, Realworks subscribers also have access to these Commercial forms.
    • Communications Page Badge—When print communication is created a red dot ‘badge’ will now appear on the ‘envelope’ icon at the top of the screen to indicate that you have a print document to download and send. Learn more
    • Transactions ReportNew transactions report in Insights Plus available to allow quick filtering and to download transactions from owners, tenants and creditors.
    • Commercial is coming soon! This will be an optional, paid add-on feature with full commercial functionality for agencies that manage commercial properties, or a mix of both commercial and residential. Want to see how it works? Check out this on-demand webinar.
    • Handling repairs is now easier—Recent Maintenance Pro upgrades mean it’s a breeze managing repair job requests. Discover more benefits on the product feature page


What’s New

  • Ready, Set, Inspect!  – Console Go Inspect has been launched! Your all-in-one inspections app, allowing you to manage and review properties on the road and live. Learn more and activate your free trial here.
  • Console Pay Deposit payments – You can now schedule deposit payments for direct debit with Console Pay add-hoc as you need
  • Add files to compliance items – Now you can add a non-compliance report and other files to your compliance  items. Learn more
  • Fast Connect Integration – New integration for our NZ offices. Fast Connect offers a utilities connection service for free for your new and vacating tenants. Learn more
  • Contact Filtering – We’ve added filters at the top of the contact list so that you can easily see just owners, tenants or creditors and information that is relevant to those contacts. Learn more
  • Direct Debit bonds – We’ve now released our new automated support for direct debited bonds, especially useful for users in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. All you’ll have to do is receipt money to bond, and check off the payment when the bond money is debited from the trust account—Cloud will create the transaction for you automatically! Learn more
  • Add files to compliance items – You can now add a non-compliance report and other files to your compliance items. Learn more 
  • Console Pay Deposit payments – You can now schedule deposit payments for direct debit with Console Pay on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Contact details page—We’ve updated the style of this page and added additional information, including property details and a list of past ownerships and tenancies.  
  • Additional options for Tenant Export to CSV—You can now choose between exporting all available tenant information (All Columns) or only what’s visible in the Tenants list (Visible Columns) to a CSV file. You can also use Search and Filter to narrow the list down to the individual tenant you wish to export. This is handy if you want to import the CSV file to Microsoft Word and mail-merge into a document that requires tenant information (e.g. a lease agreement).
  • Tenant Agreements—You can now capture lease inclusions, for example if the tenant is to be responsible for electricity, phone, gas, or other charges.
  • Console Commercial—Commercial functionality is coming to Console Cloud. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about the game-changing features of our new Commercial property management module. Learn more
  • Console Pay – From 9th January 2021 Console Pay will no longer accept Diners Club cards as a form of payment. Please update your tenants payment method if they use Diners Club card. 
  • Recurring rent invoices  – removing ability to setup Monthly recurring RENT invoices for non-monthly period tenancies as work will follow in early 2021 to allow recurring rent invoices for other rent periods, weekly/fortnightly etc Learn more

What’s New

  • Insights Plus—We’ve added a Lease Renewal Fees Audit report to Insights Plus so you can easily check whether any lease renewal fees have been missed. 
  • Console Pay—We’ve enhanced the tenant invite page.  Now you can search invites by the tenant, property or reference
  • Marketplace—Commercial tile for registering interest in new Commercial module
  • Owner statements—Part payment of invoices will now reflect on statements as part(not full) payments, making statements more transparent to monies actually received against invoice balances
  • Bills—We’ve now release our brand new bills page (see Accounts > Bills). This will help you better track, manage and complete your owner payments generally, as well as pulling in your Maintenance Pro invoices automatically for easy payment. Bills is in Open Beta for now. More enhancements to come in the near future. Learn more 
  • User Experience—We’ve made the new contact drawer available from nearly everywhere in Cloud that you see a contact’s name. Click on the contacts name to see the most important information about that person. And if you need more, click through to their full profile page
  • Insights Plus—A Head Office report has been released to allow you to assess agency performance across key monthly metrics.
  • Print Communications—You can now print communication for those that have requested to receive hard copies. Download all documents for printing at the end of the day to save time. Learn more
  • Recurring invoices for outgoings recoverable—You can now create recurring tenancy invoices for dissections other than RENT BETA release
  • More control in Console Pay—Now update and delete your recurring payment schedules and payments directly in Cloud. Learn more
  • Console Tenant App Advanced Maintenance — For offices using Maintenance Pro your tenants now have the ability to triage their own maintenance requests as well as raising emergency requests directly in app. Learn more
  • Owner statements—New office setting to allow separate column to show GST amount. Learn more
  • Recurring outgoings invoices—you can now select to align the periods with the RENT periods.
  • Rent align—Show rent alignment event on tenant payment history report.
  • Ready, Set, Inspect—Console Go Inspect is launching very soon. Get industry leading inspection features at a fraction of the price. Lock in your early bird pricing for 12 months now. Learn more
  • Maintenance Pro — A scheduled maintenance is planned for 24 Oct 2020 at 8pm AEST. During this time Maintenance Pro will be unavailable for approximately 6 hours. Any maintenance submitted through the Tenant App during this period will show up in Maintenance Pro with a short delay afterwards. No action is required.
  • Direct Debit bonds—Automated support for direct debited bonds is coming soon. This is especially useful for users in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. All you’ll have to do is receipt money to bond, and check off the payment when the bond money is debited from the trust account. Console Cloud will create the transaction for you automatically. Stay tuned for more updates.


What’s New
  • Console Pay Invites — Invite your tenants to use Console Pay via the tenancy agreement page
  • People – Contacts > Brand new list user experience —Enjoy a brand new contact list quick access drawer. See the most important details, without having to click through. This drawer-view will soon be available everywhere in Cloud where you see a contact name. More details
  • Console Pay Arrears reminders —When using automatic arrears workflow and Console Pay, as soon as your tenant has been debited arrears notification will be stopped while the funds are going through clearing
  • Properties > Financial overview for a property — We’ve improved the property page by adding key financial information in relation to the owners and tenants for that property. You can now see these all in one place. And if you need more information, you can still click through to the individual ownership or tenancy for the full details
  • Accounts > Schedule recurring invoice payments — Set (and forget) recurring invoice payments. Stop doing one-off invoicing
  • Properties > More owner & tenant financials —View key owner / tenant financial information rolled-up into a single-view on the property details page. Need more? Click through to the individual owner or tenancy details, like before
  • People > Rent cycle alignment — Let tenants pay on the same day of the week or month. Amend the rent schedule by setting an amount owed by the tenant to a new paid-to-date OR use an existing rent credit to move the paid-to-date forwards. Cut office receipting and set up more suitable tenant payment schedules
  • Workflows – Lease Renewals > Get more insights — See all owner & tenant intents received in the last 7 days (previously limited to last 3 days)
  • Settings – Users & Portfolios > Email signatures — configure your profile settings by person (more details) or portfolio (more details), and set up plain-text email signatures for any outgoing communications from Console Cloud
  • Insights Plus > Get more property intelligence — Take a deep view of Attached Fees and Charged Fees with two new reports now available in Insights Plus
  • Settings – Office > Track more — Record operating types and office hours
  • Professional Development > NEBULA: Beyond 2020: Make sure to get your early bird ticket to NEBULA: beyond 2020 while they’re still $29. NEBULA: beyond 2020 s a fully-virtual half-day conference for property management professionals going live on October 23. It’s all about property management trends, the future of Console Cloud, and personal and professional development, and it’s open to all property professionals Australia and New Zealand-wide. Purchase your ticket now. More details. Want to know which talk category you are? Take the quiz. More details


  • Contacts communication preferences: You can now record each contact’s communication preference to be either Print or Email in the contacts page. Please be aware that there is no ability to print communications yet, but this is coming very soon.
  • Inspection communication improvements: You can now edit the email template for sending the routine inspection reports to the owner. In addition we’ve added the ability to send the routine inspection report to tenants, as well as editing the email template.


What’s New
  • Bendigo Bank – BPAY batch capability: As a Bendigo Bank customer you can now choose to pay your creditors via BPAY in bulk, by creating a BPAY batch file at disbursement. Go to Settings > Banking and select Generate BPAY Batch file upon disbursement, then update your applicable creditors to the BPAY method of payment.
  • ANZ BAI receipting file compatibility: We now support the BAI file type from ANZ Bank. You can now upload this additional file type to work with your bulk receipting.
  • Setting up Console Pay in a Tenancy Agreement: You can now set up a Console Pay Payer directly in Cloud. Click here to learn more.
  • Scheduling an invoice payment for Console Pay: You can now schedule invoice payments for Console Pay payers to ensure invoices are paid on time.
  • View or update a payers Console Pay payment method: Managing Console Pay is even easier with the ability to add and update payment methods directly in Cloud.
  • Insights Plus: Insights Plus is now available to all cloud customers as a beta release. This advanced reporting tool allows you to easily manipulate and report on key business information about your agency.
  • New Insights Plus reports: Three new fees reports have launched: Average Rent Commission, Fee Revenue and Management Income. Click on the Financial tab in Insights Plus to enable.
  • Insights Plus: You can now pre-register your interest in our Audit, Property Market Intelligence and Business Intelligence reports. Navigate to Insights Plus, click on the corresponding tab and click “Pre-Register” to get started.
  • Owner Portal: EOFY statements will no longer appear in the statement list, while we work on a solution to give you more control over when these become accessible to landlords.
  • Inspection Reports: Once the inspection report has been sent to the owner, this report will be automatically saved in the property documents tab for your records.
  • Recurring Maintenance Requests: In the maintenance workflow you can now set up recurring maintenance requests for those on-going jobs such as annual pest control, gutter cleaning, monthly pool maintenance or lawn mowing. Maintenance requests will automatically be created as per your requested schedule and just view the upcoming maintenance request and create a work order when ready.
  • Properties Page: We’ve created a brand new layout and visual style for the property page, to create a new and improved hub to access information about the property, ownership and tenancy all in one place.
  • Inspection Reports: Once the routine inspection report has been sent to the owner, this report will be automatically saved in the property documents tab for your records.
  • Adding insurance: We’ve now released the new Insurance drawer on the management agreement page. Instead of editing the whole property to add insurance, you can now use the dedicated drawer from the main page.
  • Inspection workflow improvements: You now have the ability to edit the tenant self inspect template so you can continue requesting your tenants to carry out their own routine inspections.
  • Console Pay Improvements:
    – Invoice payments: Reduce Invoice arrears with Console Pay! When you create a tenant invoice, schedule the tenant’s invoice payments to be automatically debited before the due date.
    – Water invoicing improvements: When processing a water bill you can now schedule the tenant portion to be automatically debited. Learn how to process water bills and schedule the payment at the same time here.
    – Customise your invoice: Keep your tenants informed of when their Console Pay payment is scheduled by customising the message that appears on their invoice. You don’t need to hand out your trust account details any longer!


What’s New
  • Owner Portal enhancements: Owners now have access to their documents in the owner portal. Details of maintenance requests for their property can also be viewed, once a work order has been sent.
  • Duplicate Inspection Reports – Huge time saving alert! When scheduling a new inspection you can now duplicate the previous Entry/Exit or Routine report. Firstly schedule the inspection and then within the inspection, click on Create and duplicate as required, comments + photos or just comments.
  • Payments from grouped ownership funds: You can now make payments using money from other properties within an ownership group. Upon selecting an amount to be paid from each property for a payment, an internal journal will take place allowing you to make less pending payments due to insufficient funds. (note – internal journals no longer show on owner statements)
  • Inspection scheduling: When creating a new tenancy you can now set the first inspection date and assign a user for recurring routine inspections.
  • Recurring Routine Inspection Improvements: Routine inspections will no longer generate a new recurrence once a vacate date has been entered in the Tenant Agreement.
  • NSW Entry and Exit Inspections: You can now capture and view the last 3 pages of the Entry and Exit report, as required by the NSW March 2020 legislation. To view and edit these details, open the Entry/Exit inspection on desktop and click on Extra Information.
  • Owner statements enhancements:
    – Choose to consolidate the income line item of rent on your regular statements. To turn this on, go to Settings > Banking > One income line item per property.
    – Added ability to ungroup fees by property, and show individual fees at a property level on the statements. To opt in on this for your office, go to Settings > Banking > Ungroup fees by property.
    – Running balance is now shown across all properties, with no more individual property subtotals. We’ve also hidden internal journals for consolidated owner statements based on feedback.
  • Reconciliation grouping of payments: We’ve now made your reconciliation process easier, by combining bulk payments that occured in a single .ABA file into one item in the reconciliation. So you can now tick off this one item to represent them all! (sometimes it’s just the little things that can brighten your day).
  • Inspection workflow improvements: We now show tenant agreements that don’t yet have future routine inspections. On the tenant agreement list, there is a new filter for a list of tenancy agreements that do not have recurring routine inspections scheduled. Also, filters you had in place will now be preserved and a message will appear advising you that there are filters in place when you return to the inspection list.
  • Compliance Merge Fields: Within the compliance workflow and the compliance templates, you now have access to more merge fields {{tenantListWithEmail}}and {{propertyKeyNumber}}. The {{tenantListWithEmail}} merge field will also now show all tenants names and email addresses so you can now add this merge field to the template that is sent to your creditors.


What’s New
  • Tenant Self Inspections: Due to COVID-19 we’ve released the ability to send your Tenants a request to carry out a routine inspection and report on the condition of the property. Your tenants can write comments and upload photos and send the report back to you in Cloud.
  • BPAY batch file support for Bankwest: You can now create a BPAY batch file for your BPAY payments and upload to Bankwest.
  • Create New Inspections on Desktop: Create new inspections from within the Inspection workflow on your desktop, as well as add, delete or rename areas to suit each property.
  • Security Alerts: Console Cloud will now actively monitor changes to owner or creditor bank account details. Send a request through to [email protected] to switch alerts on.
  • Property images: We’ve added the ability to attach a photograph to each property. And if your owners are signed up for Owner Portal, these will flow through to their property pages, for visual appeal and to help easily identify properties at a glance.
  • Inspection Reports: Edit inspection reports on desktop is here!! Edit any EXISTING routine, entry or exit reports including being able to upload and delete images. Learn more and read the dashboard blog for information.
  • Owner portal: You can now share documents with your owners by enabling the document sharing option in Management Agreement > Edit. Currently routine inspection reports, maintenance quotes and bills are automatically available to your owners through the portal.
  • Property page: Continuing to improve the user experience by adding dedicated tabs for maintenance and inspections, and the ability to add maintenance and inspection from the “Add New” menu in the Property page directly.
  • Template Filtering: In Template settings you can filter the templates by recipient, category and also hide the default system templates. This is to make it easier to locate and edit the templates you are looking for.
  • Notifications: We are dialing back the notification spam! All office members will be notified only if a Maintenance Request is created via the Tenant App. If a Tenant has submitted self inspection report, only the assigned user will receive the notification.
  • Owner statement numbers: We have added statement numbers to owner statements. They will commence numbering by taking into account how many have previously been generated for each owner, then starting from the next higher number. The statements can also be viewed within the owner’s detail view and will show in chronological order.
  • UX improvements: In addition to dedicated tabs for maintenance and inspections, you can now add maintenance and schedule an inspection directly from the property page. And we now have a standardised “Message” button that appears at the top of every property, management agreement and tenant agreement, so you can more easily send communications to any of the related contacts.
  • Commercial recurring invoices and receipts: We now added improvements to show rent to/from dates in a number of additional places related to rent invoices, including: on recurring rent invoices, in the manual receipting view, on rent receipts, in the invoice list and the invoice detail views for rent invoices, and finally in the invoice area of the tenant screen.
  • Duplicate Payments: The duplicate payment entry warning will now also use the payment reference field, as a way to check if a payment is a potential duplicate.
  • Trial balance reports: You can now choose to exclude zero balance entities on your Trial Balance reports for both end of month trial balances (office level setting), and when generating ad-hoc Trial Balances (tickbox option).
  • Edit Inspection Report: You can now view and edit all maintenance created at an inspection, in the inspection report on desktop.


What’s New
  • Tenant App: For offices signed up to Console Pay, tenants can now easily set up recurring rent payments from within the app.
  • Fees on disbursement: You can now charge fees on the trigger of a disbursement for an owner, perfect for charging statement fees or administration fees on this basis.
  • Maintenance Manager Integration (AU only): Maintenance Manager now integrates with Console Cloud! New maintenance requests sync in real time to Maintenance Manager and when the invoice is finalised this syncs back to Cloud.
  • Fees report preview: You can now download a report of all fees to be charged prior to disbursement in a .csv format. Go to Accounts > Agency and select the download button.
  • DEFT integration: Now live and available in Marketplace. Automatically download your daily TXN files into your bulk receipting screen. You can also generate DEFT reference numbers for tenants within the tenancy detail screen.
  • Duplicate payment warning: Upon entering a payment which the system recognises as a potential duplicate, you will get a warning and a link to the potential duplicate payment to verify. You can then choose to proceed or cancel the payment.
  • TXT file support for ANZ BPAY: You can now upload this additional file type in the bulk receipting screen.
  • Inspection Manager integration: Inspection Manager now integrates with Console Cloud! Inspections sync in real time to Inspection Manager and when the inspection is complete these sync back to Cloud.
  • Property page: We’re improving ease of use of the Property page by simplifying the way we show the property address, and by making the key number and access details easier to view and edit from the sidebar.
  • Property features: You can now also use the sidebar on the Property page to set the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car parks!
  • Owner portal: You can now apply your own agency branding to the owner portal by specifying the logo and portal colour in Cloud’s Office settings.
  • Consolidated owner payments: Combine multi property owners payments into one single payment at disbursement. To enable this your owners will need to share the same Contact and bank details.
  • Owner portal: You can now invite an owner to view all of their properties with a single click of the “Send Invite to Owner Portal” button. This should be a huge time saver for signing up those landlords who have multiple properties.
  • Zero activity owner statements: You can now choose to not generate zero activity owner statements, or to send them anyway – depending on the preference for your agency. This is based on financial activity since the owner was last disbursed. You can change your preference in Settings > Banking.


What’s New
  • Inspections – WA: We have now added the Form 19 Notice of proposed entry to premises to the Inspection Notice for Western Australian clients. When you send the Inspection Notice, the Form 19 will be automatically completed and sent as an attachment.
  • Marketplace is now live! We’ve now added Marketplace to Console Cloud. This Marketplace includes many of the options from the now removed addons area, showing you many of our current and upcoming integrations, and other awesome additions! All users can view this section, but only Office Administrators can active or deactivate a service.
  • Inspections – Qld: We have replaced the previous Entry Notice with the RTA Form 9 to the Inspection Notice for Queensland clients. Now when you send the Inspection Notice, the Form 9 will be automatically completed and sent as an attachment.
  • NSW Condition Report: We’ve now released our updated version of the NSW Condition report. This aligns with the 23 March legislation changes, adding new information on Minimum Standards, Smoke Alarms, Other Safety Issues and more.
  • Movinghub (Australia only): Cloud now automatically sends leads between Cloud and Movinghub. This provides your tenants with a utilities connection service and helps earn easy $$! To sign up or find out more, go to our Marketplace.
  • Bulk Receipting .BRF files: We now additionally support .BRF files from NAB, for your bulk receipting.
  • Owner Portal: We have updated the look and feel of our owner portal, and added several new features for landlords: financial overview, enhanced tenancy details and a new activity list showing inspections and maintenance.
  • Yardstick launches: Our NPS (net promoter scoring) tool allows you to measure customer loyalty, and stay one step ahead of landlord churn + pinpoint opportunities for new business. You can learn more about net promoter scoring and Yardstick here.
  • Communications: We’ve had plenty of feedback requesting the ability to send communications to only 1 tenant or owner of an agreement. You can now do this from the tenant and owner page.
  • Select a specific tenant for an inspection: We’d received feedback that you wanted to be able to assign a specific tenant to an inspection, as the current tenant is not always the one relevant to all inspections. We’ve now created the ability to change the tenant assigned in the inspection screen for routine, entry and exit inspections.
  • Consolidate Payments in Bank File: We’ve had many requests to be able to consolidate payments to owners with multiple properties. We’ve now released an Office-wide setting that will combine payments for owners with the same bank account. To switch this on, go to Settings > Banking.
  • Reconciliation: EFTPOS/Card transactions as on hand balances now shows in the Reconciliation, to enable you to reconcile the complete balance.


What’s New
  • Sales Trust: You can now withdraw a property from sale provided the balances of the sale account are zero, there is a new list view of these withdrawn properties along with an area to capture the withdraw reason.
  • Bulk receipting – Bond matching: When a bond authority returns bond monies to your trust account using the bond reference as the identifier, the Bulk Receipting screen will now match these payments to the correct tenant. You can then decide to receipt them to outstanding rent/invoices etc.
  • Miscellaneous Receipting: Receipt from any source to an Owner or a Creditor.
  • Rent Summary Report: This report summarises a tenants payments over time including arrears in one easy to use report. This report can also be used by NZ clients for tribunal appearances as it is in the mandated format.
  • Bulk Send Message: You can now bulk send emails and SMS in the Vacate, Lease Renewal and Inspections workflows.
  • Owner statements: We’ve now added the tenant’s rent amount and rent frequency (e.g. weekly) into your consolidated owner statements.
  • Key Management: The property timeline now has a Keys category to view the history of keys checked out and in.
  • Arrears: You can now send emails and SMS in bulk directly from the Arrears workflow. You will also be able to view these communications in the Last Action column for that tenant, if it was your last action taken.
  • Maintenance: You can now reopen a closed maintenance request. Once you reopen a maintenance request you can revise the work order and resend to the same creditor.
  • Contacts: Send emails or SMS to individual contacts from the contacts list. A contacts timeline is coming soon showing all communications that have been sent to these contacts.


What’s New
  • Lease Renewal workflow: Tenant Intent communication in the lease renewal workflow has been updated to work the same as the Owner Intent version. You can now edit your Tenant Intent template and send to ALL tenants. Tenants can provide their response and now add their own comments such as 6 months, 12 months or provide further general information.
  • Invoices: You can now edit that have previously had money receipted to them. This allows you to add new line items, amend the due date, add attachments and change the amount due, even after money has been receipted to it.
  • Console Cloud User Suggestions: We have released a new feature voting system that allows you to send us suggestions for Console Cloud, as well as vote on great suggestions from other users! You can access this via the ‘Cloud Feedback’ link in the user profile drop-down menu on the top right corner. This is being used by the Console Product team to collect feedback to help improve Console Cloud and plan our roadmap!
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance for 2022 (QLD only): It’s here! Go to the property and tick the ‘2022 compliant’ option to keep a track of those properties you no longer need to follow up for smoke alarm compliance. From the property list you can filter and export a CSV for those properties that are NOT 2022 compliant.
  • Updated login: We now have a new login screen. It’s had a very large upgrade, and it now has Doris there to greet you when you start your day!
  • KPI Reports: We now have 11 new KPI reports available in Insights, in CSV format.
  • Key Management is here! .
    To give it a go, head to either your properties dashboard or individual property page. Enter a note and it’ll be time stamped and recorded on your property’s timeline. And in case you were wondering, you can indeed export all properties with keys checked out to a CSV file. Here’s to never losing track of keys again!
  • Owner statements (consolidated): This statement has been improved to show a running balance of the transactions, along with grouping of debits and credits – per property.
  • Lease Renewal workflow: You asked for more information in the workflow for the ‘Last Action’ and we listened. You will now see more details of the last action to give you more information at a glance.
  • Lost and Gained: We fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to capture lost details if there were no gained details.
  • Reply to email address for Portfolio: We have had lots of feedback regarding the address email replies go to, and we’ve now added the ability to add a reply to email address per portfolio. Any communication sent from Cloud will use the reply to address as set in the portfolio settings. If you do not have properties assigned to portfolios the reply to address for all communication will be the office reply to email address, found in Settings > Office.
  • Lease renewal workflow: You can now filter the lease renewal list by ‘lease end date’. We’ve also added the ability to send the ‘Request Tenant Intent’ email in bulk!
  • Inspections workflow: Now you can see view the key numbers and your tenant’s vacate date on the inspections list screen.


  • Console App: We’ve made some improvements to the app, where it will now gracefully handle the situation where multiple devices are used for the same inspection (previously this would crash the app). And if Cloud does detect an issue it cannot resolve by itself, our Support team can wave their magic wand and recover the inspection data for you.

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