Manage Commercial Property in Console Cloud

October 5, 2018

Got commercial property?

A substantial number of real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand manage a mix of both commercial and residential properties. But differences in how commercial properties are managed—such as GST, invoicing, CPI increases and reporting—make it difficult to manage in a system built for residential portfolios. That makes us sad.

Property managers were forced to make a choice. Would it be better to choose cloud-based property management software that caters for commercial, or residential tenancies?

Commercial Property Management Software

Why not make software that does both?

The right features to manage commercial and residential property

Property managers no longer have to choose a system that suits one or the other. Our freshest feature launched in Console cloud allows property managers to categorise a property as commercial or residential. That means they can be managed easily, without rain-man level math talent. 

Now, when a user categorises a property as commercial, they can:

  • charge GST to rent
  • invoice tenants for rent and outgoings
  • manage invoice payment and rent-paid-to dates accurately, and
  • generate invoices, statements and other reports that show updated GST reporting.

So long, complicated trust accounting!

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