Console Cloud is the go-anywhere Property Management solution

Designed by Property Managers and built using the latest in web technology, it’s the flexible cloud-based software that can handle everything your agency needs to run smoothly.


Cloud Property Management Software Australia

Success is found outside of the office

Like most agents, you probably spend more time out of the office than in it. But you still need access to client & property information everywhere you go. That’s why we designed Console Cloud to run on any device, anywhere - so you can be attentive to your clients, whether you’re in the office or not.

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It’s the all in one software solution for property management

Many property management agencies rely on multiple complex applications to keep their business running, and often they can only be accessed from the office. And if you’re still using paper-based records, then that’s even more challenging.

Console Cloud provides every software feature you need to run your entire agency from a range of devices – just add your property info, set up your scheduling and off you go (we've even got an easy onboarding tool that does it all for you).


Improved productivity

Spend less time on admin and more time building your business. With smart features, workflows and automation, it’s complete end-to-end tenancy management, which means you can handle more properties with less staff.


Trust accounting, done in minutes

Everything is done for you, including receipting, payments, reconciliation, invoicing, fees and deposits management. All of your common sales and residential trust accounting needs, all in one place.

Easy & accurate reporting

Easy & accurate reporting

Our integrated reporting capability makes it fast and easy to produce reporting for compliance. View your ledgers, balances, cash book and reconciliations, financial year statements, bond listings and more at the click of a button.


Streamline inspections

Schedule upcoming entry, routine and exit inspections, and easily prepare manager reports and send notices on the run. It’s the efficient way to do business.

Get a better maintenance outcome every time

Set maintenance workflows, record requests and send work orders, all in minutes. Plus, you can track and allocate invoice costs and progress as you go.

Other Capabilities

Central dashboard
View rent in arrears, rent reviews due and lease expiries all from the one dashboard, so you can quickly and easily identify which tenants need to be contacted.

Data Migration
Switching to Console Cloud is super simple. Just use our in-built migration tool to transition everything to the cloud, in less than a day.

Easy contact management
Manage all your contacts in one place (no more searching different lists for Owners, Tenants and Suppliers)

Always run the latest version
We add new features & updates automatically, so you never need to worry about whether you’ve upgraded. No added costs, no IT support required.

Work on the go
Access your data in Console Cloud anywhere, anytime, with a laptop, tablet and an internet connection.

Integrates with PM apps
We’ve even got a suite of Mobile Apps too, so your PM’s can manage Suppliers, Tenants and Owners on the run from their tablet or smartphone.

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3500+ agencies all over Australia and beyond

Complete Package

“It has proven to be more than just trust accounting, it is the complete package for property management”


Sue Tilden

Well Understood

"The technology Console is creating is well understood and thought through. The changes they are bringing are relevant and exciting."


Sharnie Wells

Better Service

"When I sit with an owner, being able to pull up on screen everything about that owner and their properties all in one place, helps me deliver a better service and have a more meaningful conversation."

Portfolio Manager

Erica Maran

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