Console Pay now available in Cloud

October 5, 2018

Do you find rent arrears a pain in the… neck?

Console Pay (powered by Ezidebit) continues to be our most popular rental collections solution. The agencies who love it have used it to successfully reduce rent arrears, bank fees and receipting times. We think that’s the best.

Console Pay enables rent from tenants to be collected and deposited into your trust account. It means you'll receive only one deposit per day, and one-click bulk receipting.

Great results from agencies trialling Console Pay in Cloud

We recently trialled Console Pay in our Cloud software with five clients. Over a two-month period, these agencies were able to convert up to 60% of their tenants to use the system. In this time, property managers participating in the trial observed a significant reduction in the number of missed or late rent payments.

These agencies experienced other big gains too: consistent, on-time payments became their new normal. Property managers spent less time matching and receipting payments. Funds didn’t bounce.

And of course, if they got stuck, our support team were only ever a phone call or site visit away.

Console Pay now available in Cloud

With those fabulous results, we are proud to announce that Console Pay has now been launched in Console Cloud. While integration is not *quite* as comprehensive as you might have seen in Gateway, more functionality is coming shortly, so watch this space.

Want the specifics?

Here’s what you can do with Console Pay in Cloud:

  • set up anyone to pay rent via direct debit, no matter who they bank with
  • ensure all funds are securely transferred from tenants to your trust account
  • receipt money automatically for all Console Pay payments
  • schedule rent payments for your tenants, and
  • change payment frequency and amount.

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