Highlights from the Console Cloud Spring Release Webinar

Highlights from the Spring Release Webinar


We’ve launched more than 340 improvements and new features in the last 12 months.

The pace of development for Console Cloud and our new apps accelerates with each passing day. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve made more than 340 improvements to our premier platform, Console Cloud.

Typically, we’ve highlighted our best new features via our monthly product update emails, and on the Console Cloud dashboard. (Didn’t know we did this? Go to dashboard > What’s new this week to see them.)

The Spring Release Webinar

Now, the level of interest in Console Cloud development has both broadened and matured. And to honour that, we shared our seasonal product release publically via webinar for the first time on Wednesday 24 October, at 11am AEST.

Introducing our revolutionary workflows feature

More than 130 people listened in for the event, with more viewers expected to take advantage of the recorded broadcast when it becomes available. During the webinar, Chief Product Officer Matt McGown and Senior Product Manager Tusitha Jayatunge (TJ) gave an overview of our workflow features, ran through a demo of our new smartphone apps, and answered a live Q & A with the participants.  

For those unfamiliar with workflows, Console Cloud radically reduces the admin and mental load of complex processes by bringing all the steps together in a simple, actionable timeline.

A simple, actionable timeline

Take lease renewals, for example. Console Cloud has event triggers that prompt and keep track of actions in the lease renewal process, such as what’s gone out to whom, and what their responses were. If a tenant indicates they are ready to renew, Console Cloud would then update that response in the system for you, and change a tenant’s renewal intention status in that workflow from UNKNOWN to RENEW. The same workflow takes place on the owner’s side.

Once renewal status is known and you are ready to create an agreement, you can use built-in REI Forms integration (Realworks in QLD), by clicking ‘create form’. A new agreement will be generated with all the relevant owner, tenant, and new lease information pre-populated.

So you can do it your way

However, Console Cloud’s new workflows won’t lock property managers into doing things a certain way. They offer the flexibility to implement processes in a way that makes sense for your business, so you can do it your way. And this is just the beginning of what our workflows can and will do. Want to see more? Book a demo.   

We also said we’d share a sneak peek of what’s coming next to Console Cloud, and here it is.

Powering radical productivity gains for property managers are our new smartphone apps. These apps will effectively create a simple portal each for tenants, tradies and property managers. They make tasks like inspections and maintenance easier to arrange, and easier to communicate. Better still, they only facilitate the communication you want, so you can spend less time being a middle-man.

If you’d like to see how the apps will operate, learn more about our new workflows, or see what else we are building, make sure to watch (or rewatch) the video when it becomes available.


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