The State of the Australian Rental Market Report

Australia’s rental landscape is feeling the impact of COVID-19, affecting everyone from agencies to owners to renters.

We created this eBook so our peers could gain insight into the experiences across our industry, to help determine and drive what property management agencies would like to see happen in order to stabilise the market in the future.

Filled with insights from 130 property management professionals, ranging from junior property managers to CEOs, providing their input on what market conditions they’re experiencing locally, and what should be done to improve the sector’s viability.

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About the state of the Australian Property Management Market Report

This brief guide outlines common challenges faced by agencies, tenants and owners over the 2020-2021 financial year, including:
  • The current state of the Australian rental market, with focus on the rental crisis
  • The top challenges facing agencies, such as rent roll growth, profitability and staff
  • The struggles of tenants, including lack of rental availability, changes in income and the rises in rent costs
  • Key issues for owners, such as education around responsibilities and trying to sell in the current market

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