New portal push to for WebChoice customers

January 29, 2019

New portal push to for WebChoice customers

What do home buyers do before they purchase a property?

It’s not a trick question: you know what they do. They research how much properties were previously sold for, recent valuations, and what other properties near it are worth.

These valuable insights are what serves up to its visitors—for free—alongside their property listings. And this is what makes it one of the fastest-growing property websites in New Zealand.

And now, WebChoice customers in New Zealand can portal push to to list properties easily on the site.

WebChoice purshes to NZ Homes-c-nz portal

The curiosity factor

One reason for the meteoric rise of is its curiosity factor.

That's because, according to the site’s co-founder Michael Gibbs, ‘ also appeals to homeowners. We have more than 500,000 unique monthly site visitors who look at neighbours’ and friends’ houses, plus check out insights on their own homes. They check on their home’s monthly updated value estimate.’

The genius of this, of course, is that it captures prospective home buyers early in their property journey.

And now, WebChoice customers can easily portal push their feed of property listings to be displayed on


Want in? Get in touch with the good people at to get started.

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