Our favourite WebChoice features from 2018

Most website developers care about one thing: website performance.

Why does your website performance matter? In the words of one of our own WebChoice specialists, 'The best place to hide something is on page two of Google's search results.' Trust us on this one: a high-performing website gives your business a huge edge over your competitors.

'The best place to hide something is on page two of Google's search results.'

But real estate agency website developers need to care about two things.

Real estate websites need tools and features that improve real estate agencies’ performance. In other words, real estate websites are not like a local cafe’s website, or a website dedicated to, say, dogs dressed as bees.*

They need to seamlessly push to portals, and lots of them. They also need to integrate seamlessly with the CRM *your* agency uses—not the CRM some website agency wants you to use. They need to make it as easy as possible for visitors to view more listings on their website. And then real estate websites need to make it a cinch for visitors to take the next step towards buying, renting, selling, and so on.

The two things real estate website developers need to care about are website performance and website tools that improve agency performance.

And if you look at the list of our favourite WebChoice features launched in 2018, it’s pretty obvious that this is what they care about too. Let's take a look.

Best feature #1: Lazy Load

One of the reasons it’s easy to spend so much time on Instagram is because the images scroll infinitely. It’s the same principle with property listings. If a user has to click through property listings pages 1, 2, 3, and so on, they tend to spend less time on your website.

If a user can just keep scrolling through your listings without having to load a new page… and a new page… and a new page… they stay longer. And that means visitors can stick around to see more of your properties in a single session. Hooray for more warm leads!

If you’re a WebChoice customer: Here's how to turn on Lazy Load for your website: go to WebChoice Home > Website > Configuration > Property Search. Select the button for 'properties load as the user scrolls down the page' > Save Changes.

Best feature #2: Mapview

The Mapview feature allows visitors to search for and display your property listings on a map. And because all WebChoice real estate websites are responsive, the map automatically resizes to fit the screen of any device. This makes sure visitors get the best experience possible, no matter which device they’re using.

We love this feature because it delivers listing results the way customers realistically consider the suitability of properties. They want to know things like, ‘Is it on a main road?’ or ‘Is it near a school?’—not just ‘Is it in X suburb or township?’

Help people choose a property more easily, and you’ll help them to choose you, too.

Best feature #3: Privacy and disclaimer statement tool

Stay with us! We know this one sounds tedious, but it’s important for protecting your business. So important in fact, that it’s the law in both Australia and New Zealand.

A disclaimer aims to inform readers that your website may contain opinions and information that the business is not legally responsible for, nor is that business responsible for what the reader chooses to do with it. In other words, this is a good way to not get sued.

In 2018, WebChoice created a feature to make it easier for agencies to protect themselves, plus comply with the legislation. The tool makes it super easy for agencies to take their privacy and disclaimer statements and either turn them into a downloadable PDF on their site, or a content page that displays in the footer.

If you’re a WebChoice customer: you can learn more about how it works here.

Best feature #4: No more annoying default profile pictures

Unless you’re a website developer, you’re probably stuck with the option to display profile pictures of agents and property managers in one way, and one way only. Not so, if you’re a WebChoice customer! Pick the image file you want, and present them how you want.

If you’re a WebChoice customer: log into your site, then go to the Website tab > Configuration > Display Staff Photos. Pick your selection, and hit Save.


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*Rest assured this blog exists. But surely you have better things to do?