Turn Social Referrals into Customers with a CRM

February 21, 2018


We recently spoke about how you can use your social media platform to get new referrals. But, how do you keep them interested and ultimately turn them into customers? You’ve put all of these tips into place, and you’ve gained a heap of new referral leads… now, how can you communicate with these leads and nurture them into clients (and eventually repeat clients)? – A real estate CRM, that’s now.

We definitely recommend that you looking at getting a solid customer relationship management (CRM) tool for your business. You will get to know your customers in and out by using a real estate CRM tool specifically. You’ll know who they are, how they have been marketed to, and how they responded is all captured and stored for your reference.

A good real estate CRM provides you with the tools to help you manage all of the activities around customer engagement, making it easier to communicate with all of these new referral leads, and keep them interested in your brand.

A CRM tool helps you nurture relationships with your referral leads, by allowing you to:

  1. Maintain a database of your customers in one central place. This includes their contact details, personal information (birthdays, social accounts, interests). Also, how they prefer to be communicated with (times of day, phone/email/text etc).
  2. Categorise your leads. Buyers, sellers, new leads, VIP customers – however you might want to categorise them. This will help you tailor your communication with them based on what type of customer they are.
  3. Automate your communications with them. You will be able to set up automated emails and text messages and schedule phone calls and follow ups. As a result, your communication is quicker quicker and easier.
  4. Keep track of their responses. You will also be able to see how customers responded to those emails. You can make notes after a phone call and so on. That way you have all customer details in one central place to refer back to later.

You can communicate with you customers more effectively by keeping track of them in this way. This results in creating a nurturing a relationship with them, to keep them interested in your brand. Hopefully, turning your leads into customers, and a customer into a repeat customer!

You will achieve all of the above with Console’s ClientManager real estate-specific CRM software. It helps you create more opportunities and close deals faster, being designed for the purpose of the real estate industry. The automation of your processes, and categorising of your contacts will help you cultivates relationships your customers. It also gives you visibility across your whole database of potential and existing clients.

If you’re interested in implementing a CRM tool into your business, find out how Console can help you manage client relationships and grow your business with our customer CRM solution. Just contact us for more information or to get started today!

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