Gain New Referrals Using Social Media

Using Social Media to Gain New Referral Leads

For agencies and sales agents alike, referral leads are like tiny pots of gold – people are more likely to trust who their friends and acquaintances trust, and you’re likely to close more deals because that element of trust is already there. And the best part is, you don’t have to sit and wait for a referral to just happen, there are ways that you can speed up the process, stay top of mind with your clients and fuel recommendations. Social media advertising is a sure fore way to make this happen.

Social proof – or influence – has a heavy sway on buying behaviour – it eases the mind of worried buyer; it gives the tick of approval to those looking for recommendations; and it can steer people in one direction or another when making a decision, such as which agent to sell their house through.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out this Forbes article that says social media drives 31% of all referral traffic.

While you most likely already have a social profile, do you know if you are you using it effectively to grow your social proof? Here are a few tips on how to do just that, and you can use social media to gain new referral leads for your business.


If you’ve gone through the trouble of getting clients to your website (maybe even through social media advertising), you should also try to make it as easy as possible for them to share listings and content from your website to their social profiles. Add share buttons to all listings, and any content pages (like blog posts).

When clients share your website content on their social profiles, it appears on the newsfeed and their friends and family see it too. With one simple click of a button, they are giving their social tick of approval to your brand, saying “look who we chose”, and bringing that to the attention of anyone they know who might be buying or selling a property.

It’s a super easy, passive way of influencing referral leads without actually having someone say “I recommend x”.


First up – make sure your Facebook profile is set up as a business page and not as a personal profile. This way you can enable all of the cool features – like Reviews – that Facebook has developed just for businesses.

Then be bold and simply ask your current and past clients to leave a review for you on your page. They can leave a star rating out of five, as well as a written review. The star rating is used in Facebook’s algorithm when determining what businesses appear in a users news feed, and and it also adds a level of credibility and integrity to your business because people have taken the time to give their opinion of you.


If you post content that is relevant and interesting, people will want to share it. And when they do, they’re adding to your social proof. For example, you could celebrate milestones with your clients on your social page, putting up a picture when they pick up their keys or close on their house. The people being mentioned may share that post on their own walls to engage with their own celebration, and their friends and family will see this.

Or, if you blog about topics that stay relevant after closing – like renovations or neighbourhood events – past clients will stay engaged with you and share content they find interesting. All this sharing adds to your social cred and is an easy way for clients to tell their friends and family that they support your business, so they can too.


Within your social page, enable your current followers to invite their friends to also follow you. When an invite to check out a business page comes from a trusted source, the potential new customer is significantly more likely to check it, and people take a much closer look at businesses that have been recommended by friends.


If your clients love your brand, it could be as simple as asking them to share your page and make a recommendation to their friends and family online. By doing this, you are giving your clients a chance to be your brand ambassador, and this will help you attract high quality referral traffic.

Fast-forward a little bit – you’ve put all of these tips into place, and you’ve gained a heap of new referral leads. Do you have a system in place that will help you communicate with these leads and nurture them into clients (and eventually repeat clients)?

If not, then we definitely recommend looking at getting a solid customer relationship management (CRM) tool for your business. A CRM is software that can help you get to know your customers in and out. Who they are, how they have been marketed to, and how they responded.

Check out our next blog talking about just that!