Inside Console HQ: Staff Profile - Travis Henke

June 25, 2018

Travis Henke is a Product Owner at Console, whose job is to help us design software that property managers will use and love. He joins us from the real estate profession with a career in property management, and here’s what he has to say about life inside Console.

Fast Facts

Name: Travis Henke
Role: Product Owner
His Kryptonite: Potato chips – once the bag is open, they magically disappear.
Sporting hero: Matthew Hayden
Hobbies: Indoor cricket, swimming and fitness. He doesn’t formally admit to being a computer games enthusiast, but we have reason to suspect he is.

About Travis

Travis Henke joined Console after fifteen years in real estate and Property Management. As one of our Product Owners, Travis works closely with the developers of our Console Cloud and Gateway products. If you don’t know what a product owner does, you’re not alone. Here’s a little bit about him, and what he predicts Property Management might look like in the future.

What does a Product Owner do, anyway?

Travis represents our customers in Console’s development teams. ‘We’re there to give our smart tech people the industry information,’ Travis says. ‘They need this knowledge and guidance to build our products, so that they truly help our customers solve their problems. I also personally specialise in compliance, and help make sure what we build is in line with legislation.’

Working with Console

It’s a completely different experience being on the software side of the business, especially after so many years in the real estate profession. ‘It’s been very interesting learning a completely new aspect of the industry from a product ownership perspective, while still being able to use my knowledge and skills to help,’ Travis says. ‘Just don’t ask me to start writing computer code!’

About Console’s products

Travis’s sights are set firmly on the future of Console Cloud. ‘I see it being much quicker for property managers to use, with increasingly more automation to come for many time consuming and repetitive tasks,’ says Travis. ‘This will allow property managers to effectively look after more properties with less effort, and maybe even go home on time.’ He will be working closely with our developers in the coming months to help make these changes happen.

Predictions for the future of property management

Travis sees increasingly stronger rights and remedies for tenants making their way into State and Territory legislation. ‘The balance appears to be shifting in residential tenancy laws, with more developments still to come.’ While fairness is important to all parties, he stresses that it’s important for property managers’ voices to be heard, and fears that they may be worse off under new laws.

What Travis hopes to change about the industry

‘I’d love to be able to make it easier for everyone to have more cooperative and friendly relationships—particularly between property managers, owners and tenants,’ he says. A culture of greater cooperation would alleviate much of the stress involved in Property Management. ‘Less conflict and tension would doubtless improve everyone’s lives.’ It’s a focus that makes him a valuable team member at Console, and one to watch.

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