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July 2, 2020





Australian real estate software firm Console announces partnership with Property Management Virtual Assistant (PMVA) as certified Console Cloud specialists and partners, offering leading VA solutions. Console Cloud in-agency support and training is now available through Property Management Virtual Assistant (PMVA).


Thursday 2 July, 2020—Brisbane, Queensland

A new partnership has been confirmed between Console Cloud and Property Management Virtual Assistant (PMVA). As Console Cloud partners, PMVA are now certified Console Cloud trainers, qualified to deliver expert services and support to agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Console Cloud is one of Australia’s fastest-growing real estate software platforms, and demand for Console Cloud expertise in real estate businesses is increasing.

PMVA assists agencies to manage more than 60,000+ residential properties—and that figure is growing. It’s also expanding the range of services it offers to its clients to include Console Cloud services. That means Console Cloud in-agency support and training is now available through Property Management Virtual Assistant (PMVA).

PMVA partners with Console Cloud

PMVA and Console Cloud: two companies focused on a better industry

With more than 20 years’ experience in the Property Management industry, CEO and PMVA founder Tiffany Bowtell has seen it all. She’s consulted to more than 8000 Australian and New Zealand agencies, and trained more than 20,000 Property Managers on aspects of best practice, software, and compliance.

It’s safe to say her experience with Property Management and trust accounting platforms is, well, broad.

According to Tiffany Bowtell, ‘The partnership between Console Cloud and PMVA allows us to give our clients a better experience than the one we all had in the Property Management industry. One way we can do that together is by providing ongoing certified training for new Virtual Assistant entering our Academy.

‘The collaboration will allow both companies to expand our services globally—using the best software in the world [Console Cloud].’

‘PMVA clients can also be assured that their Virtual Assistant is being trained by someone who is certified by Console Cloud.’


PMVA and Console Cloud: a dual focus on growing agencies’ income

Bowtell says ‘The team at PMVA are firmly focused on reducing our clients' fixed operating costs by $100,000 per year, while at the same time increasing their capacity to add a 250 properties to the rent roll, without recruiting or training any additional staff.’

Console Cloud’s tagline is ‘do less, make more’, in keeping with its design—focused on creating less work for agencies to manage the same or more properties, and increase their profit margin as a result.

That’s why real estate offices using Console Cloud in collaboration with the services that PMVA offers are well on their way to achieving this.


Premium service, and providing a better customer experience

It’s not just the pursuit of greater efficiency and growth for agencies that aligns the partnership between PMVA and Console Cloud. Offering a premium service and exceptional customer experience is a core value held by both companies.

Partnerships lead Natasha Anich says ‘Working with closely aligned partners like PMVA enables the best and broadest delivery of service and support to offices using Console Cloud.

‘The knowledge that an official Console partner is providing training assures agencies that they are receiving the most up-to-date advice and help available, and that their trainer is across the latest developments to the platform.’

The partnership has its benefits for PMVA, too. ‘The most exciting thing about becoming a Console Cloud Partner is seeing the up-and-coming features that are being built in Console Cloud, and being able to provide the feedback from our clients on what they would like to see. We feel this partnership will become an important part of industry development: on a global scale.’


Interested in becoming a Console Cloud Partner? Participate in the August intake, contact to learn more.



About Console

Console is a leading Australian provider of real estate sales, property management, and trust accounting software. Console was proudly founded in 1992 in Brisbane, Queensland, and has evolved from selling server-based trust accounting systems, to developing true SaaS enterprise software.

Today, the business employs nearly 200 people across offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, with some staff also working remotely.

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About Property Management Virtual Assistant

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with operations in the Philippines, PMVA helps real estate business owners succeed. PMVA is a Premium Outsourcing company who train, on-board, replace staff and provide over 1600 tools and resources to streamline your business. They provide clients with back end administration support, systemisation, streamlining resources and business strategy and advice to grow and scale their business. They do this by reducing operating costs and increasing recurring income and profit.

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Contact for more information: Natasha Anich, Partnerships Manager—Console | 0416 236 255.

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