The Lease Renewals Workflow in Console Cloud

December 10, 2018

The property management revolution is here. Workflows have just been launched in Console Cloud.

In this article, we explain what the new lease renewals workflow does, and how it’s going to revolutionise property management.

Let’s start by explaining what a workflow is, in the sense that we talk about them in Console Cloud.

We’re guessing you know what a workflow is already. In the sense that most people use the term, it refers to a series of steps taken to complete a process.

And if you think about the tasks involved in Property Management, many of them tend to be clusters of associated tasks. For example, if you want to organise a lease renewal or tenant vacate at the end of a tenancy, that isn’t a single task. It's a process. To complete it, you'll need to complete a number of steps, and most of them will need to be taken in a certain order. There's no point, for example, drawing up a new lease if you don't know whether the landlord and tenant intend to renew yet.

You might call this lease renewal process a 'workflow'.

Workflows in Console Cloud describe these kinds of workflows too.

The new series of workflow features in Console Cloud pretty much describes the same thing, but with one big difference. Now, you can also manage that whole series of steps out of a single tab in Console Cloud. Complete each task as you need to, all while still working in the same screen. Cloud will record it (and any responses you receive) for you, and show the next task to be completed.

No more checklists and spreadsheets to track where you are up to!

So Lease Renewals can now be managed out of one tab, in one window.

That means Console Cloud will now automatically list all your lease renewals (plus those in the pipeline) in the dashboard. You can also see how far along they are, and what needs to be done next to keep them moving. Spotted one you missed? You can now take the steps needed to keep on top of it right there and then, from the same screen.

Check it out:

So what is the idea behind bringing all the steps of a process (or workflow) into one screen?

Researchers estimate we are losing up to 40% of our productivity by task switching, and that constant fragmentation of work leads to ‘attention residue’. That’s where your brain has started thinking about the next task while you’re still working on the first one. Sound familiar?

The nasty byproduct of task switching and fragmenting is twofold. On the one hand, time is lost trying to remember where you were up to. And on the other, thinking about tasks other than the one you’re working on actually eats away at the quality of your work.

The idea of bringing all the steps into one screen, then, is to save you that mental gymnastics. It’s to cut out the mental processing power needed to constantly fragment each action into a separate task, to be completed in a different window, requiring a different login.

Now, instead of opening one window to check if a tenant has replied, and another window to see whether that last task you completed was recorded, and another to see how much longer before the lease ends, it’s all there. You've got it on the one screen.

In other words, you can now instantly know where each lease renewal or vacate is up to. It'll show you who you are waiting on for information. And importantly, you can also take the next step if you need to, without leaving that screen.

Doing work that way creates radical productivity gains for property managers.

Where to find the Lease Renewals Workflow

In Console Cloud, you can find the Lease Renewals Workflow under your BETA FEATURES tab in the main navigation panel. So if you haven’t seen it before, it’s time to hit F5 on that browser and take a look.

It’s more than just advanced trust accounting software now. And we’re willing to bet you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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