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May 28, 2020

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Console Cloud partnership announcement with Keep it Simple Solutions

Australian real estate software firm Console announces certification of Perth-based training organisation Keep it Simple Solutions. Keep it Simple Solutions becomes the second training organisation officially certified to provide Console Cloud training to real estate agencies.

Console Cloud is one of Australia’s fastest-growing real estate software platforms. Consequently, demand for Console Cloud training and support for new clients is rapidly increasing. To maintain this momentum, Sonia Woodhead of Keep It Simple Solutions has joined the fold as a certified Console Cloud trainer to support the growing number of agencies transitioning to the software.


May 2020—Brisbane, Queensland

More than 100 agencies each month are migrating to Console Cloud, Australasia’s fastest growing Property Management and trust accounting platform. To support this rapid growth, Console has developed a partner certification program that sees highly regarded industry trainers equipped to deliver training and onboarding on Console Cloud.

The explosion in growth of Console Cloud users in Western Australia

In particular, Console Cloud’s popularity is growing on the west coast, with large numbers of Western Australian-based clients migrating from Gee Dee and Gateway to the platform in recent months. Console, being based in Queensland, needed a qualified partner based on the ground in Perth to assist with the growing number of new clients. Sonia Woodhead of Keep It Simple Solutions answered the call.

Keep it Simple Solutions

Sonia Woodhead has more than 20 years’ experience in real estate and training combined, the last three of which has been while operating her own training consultancy business. She believed she could contribute more to the industry as an independent trainer, than as a single platform trainer.

“Working with the innovative and supportive team at Console Cloud as a Console Cloud Partner is a great opportunity. I can now assist clients on how to best utilise the software based on their specific needs.”

“Keep It Simple Solutions is a focused and dedicated company devoted to helping agencies and individuals capture more value within their day to day operations,” says Sonia of her business.

“When I first saw Console Cloud I was amazed with how easy it was to navigate and excited to learn more”. Being focused on helping agencies improve their day-to-day operations meant Sonia recognised the power of Console Cloud’s workflows and automation—especially with features like arrears management. “And another benefit of Console Cloud Partner certification training: I get to see new features and developments in the platform as they are delivered. These are changes that are only going to improve the user experience.”

After training in other Property Management cloud-based software such as Property Tree, Sonia now adds Console Cloud to her training services.

“Working with the innovative and supportive team at Console Cloud as a Console Cloud Partner is a great opportunity. I can now assist clients on how to best utilise the software based on their specific needs.”

Console Cloud certified trainers ensure real estate agencies can easily invest in high quality professional support

Using a certified Console Cloud trainer ensures that real estate agencies are investing in professionals qualified and trusted by Console, and armed with up-to-date knowledge about the platform. This is designed to provide a better training experience, as well as peace of mind for our clients.

Interested in becoming a Console Cloud Trainer?

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About Console: Console is a leading Australian provider of real estate sales, property management, and trust accounting software. Console was proudly founded in 1992 in Brisbane, Queensland, and has evolved from selling server-based trust accounting systems, to developing true SaaS enterprise software.

Today, the business employs nearly 200 people across offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, with some staff also working remotely.

For more information about our products, services and background, visit or find us on LinkedIn:

Contact for more information: Natasha Anich, Partnerships Manager—Console | | 0416 236 255


About Keep it Simple Solutions: Keep It Simple Solutions specialise in change management, assisting and guiding real estate agencies through changes of software.

The company’s focus has always been on providing simple yet complete training solutions based on company and/or individual specific requirements and needs. Keep It Simple Solutions provide support and training in various areas ranging from data entry, trust accounting, software training to personalised ongoing assistance packages.

To learn more about Keep it Simple Solutions or to get in touch, visit

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