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October 30, 2020


LeadAustralian property management and trust accounting technology company Console announces partnership and certification with USA-Australian training organisation ireviloution. Console Cloud is one of Australia’s fastest-growing real estate software platforms. Console Cloud qualified training and consulting partners are increasingly in demand in Australia. Key partnerships, like the one with ireviloution, help real estate agencies get better value from their software subscriptions. Console Cloud training partners are now supporting a growing number of agencies moving to the software. October 2020—Brisbane, QueenslandMore than 100 agencies each month are migrating to Console Cloud. The Console Cloud partner certification program trains highly-regarded industry consultants to deliver qualified advice and training to their clients and users of the technology.Console’s recently partnered with Jo-Anne Oliveri of ireviloution. Ireviloution specialises in training, mentoring, business design and other specialist services that are designed to empower and elevate property management businesses.Oliveri’s affiliation with Console started in 1997 as a property manager and user of Console Gateway. As her consulting career advanced she always remained the go-to-person and expert that agencies would call on for help with their software.

Jo-Anne Oliveri

Her first encounter with Console Cloud made an impact. ‘When I first saw Console Cloud, I could not help but think how simple it was to navigate. It’s what I call a “just makes sense” program, which is how programs should be. It generates seamless workflows and is so intuitive. You don’t need to think—the program guides you. All you need to do is log data and follow each step.’ Ireviloution focuses on improving real estate businesses, by helping them develop dependable and efficient end-to-end processes. The result? Smoother, better run agencies that are more profitable. Offering training and support to Console Cloud users means ireviloution can ensure businesses are meaningfully achieving those greater efficiencies.Oliveri believes Console Cloud users will benefit from the way teams can work together, and from the way business owners and team leaders can see, at a glance, productivity levels and task statuses in the platform. ‘It’s perfect for today’s businesses where teams may work remotely or even offshore.’

Worldwide real estate consultant, now Console Cloud partner

Oliveri is honoured to be a Console Cloud partner. ‘I’ve seen and used many software platforms both in Australia and North America, especially in my capacity as an industry consultant, and can honestly say that Console Cloud is a leader in this space.’Partnerships Manager Natasha Anich speaks of the benefit for customers using an accredited partner. ‘Using a certified Console Cloud partner (and trainer) such as Jo Oliveri of ireviloution, provides property management agencies with a degree of confidence in their services and knowledge of Console Cloud.’ ‘Console are partnering with the best and leading industry experts, who haven’t just got their certification out of a cereal packet. Console Partners go through a rigorous training and examination program and are kept armed with up-to-date knowledge about Console Cloud.’’ And that gives Console Cloud clients that engage with our certified partners peace of mind.–ends.

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About Console: Console is a leading Australian provider of real estate sales, property management, and trust accounting software. Console was proudly founded in 1992 in Brisbane, Queensland, and has evolved from selling server-based trust accounting systems, to developing true SaaS enterprise software. Today, the business employs nearly 200 people across offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, with some staff also working remotely. For more information about our products, services and background, visit or find us on LinkedInContact for more information: Natasha Anich, Partnerships Manager—Console |


About ireviloution: ireviloution is a turn-key solution for creating operational and customer service consistency in your property management business. Based on the McDonald’s business model of consistency and Disney business model of culture by design, their systems maximise operational efficiency, enhance your reputation, minimise risk and add value to your bottom line.Whether you are providing property management services for one door or one thousand doors, we offer solutions to professionally and effectively improve your service delivery. We specialise in training, mentoring, business design and specialist resources which are designed to empower your property management business and take it to the next level.To learn more about ireviloution or to get in touch, visit Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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