Inspection Manager and Console Cloud Integration Announced

April 30, 2020

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Inspection Manager integration with Console Cloud announced

Console Cloud creators Console Group announce their integration with much-loved property inspections software Inspection Manager. Console Cloud is the fastest-growing cloud-based property management software platform in Australia and New Zealand. Inspection Manager is a purpose-built app designed to make often arduous inspections simple, fast, and annoying-bug-free.


Best in class meets best in class

The integration between Console Cloud and Inspections Manager benefits both business’s customers. When users choose to link Console Cloud to Inspections Manager, they can use Inspections Manager for inspections, with instant and comprehensive data syncing to Console Cloud (and vice versa).

This is a huge saving on time for PMs used to doing double data entry to take advantage of both systems. Now: it’s just time savings all around.

“We’re solution-driven, which is exactly why this product came to be,” says Inspection Manager co-founder Alan Hashem. “We have an IT company specialising in supporting Real Estate Agencies. When we looked for a solution to help them become more efficient at inspections, we couldn’t find one. So we decided to build it ourselves.”

Today, Inspection Manager has helped 20,000 users complete more than 5.5 million inspections. “Our partnership with Console is about continuing the effort to make the lives of our property managers easier and to help them be more efficient,” says Inspection Manager Head of Product Scott Shepherd. “By partnering with Console, we can provide a better service to more of our clients.”


Why Console Cloud and Inspection Manager teamed up

Both brands have a common goal. “Console Cloud was designed to enable property managers to do less admin and manual tasks, so that it was fundamentally less work to manage every property in a portfolio,” explains Console’s Chief Product Officer Matt McGown.

“The point is that these time savings increase an agency’s profitability. Inspection Manager is an expert in its own field, but the efficiencies gained by using both Console Cloud and Inspection Manager were lost so long as those systems didn’t talk to each other. That’s why we felt it was important to build this integration—to keep reducing that time and admin load for customers.”

Scott Shepherd agrees. “It’s about bringing together two industry-leading products—Console Cloud and Inspection Manager. Both are cloud applications designed specifically to help Property Managers work smarter with technology and become more efficient.”

The Inspection Manager integration is now live in Console Cloud.


How this integration works

Console Cloud customers wanting to link their office to Inspection Manager simply need to activate the app from the Marketplace tab in Console Cloud. Once linked, any inspections scheduled in Console Cloud will be pushed to Inspection Manager immediately.

Users can then take full advantage of Inspection Manager functionality when completing an inspection. When they’re ready to finish up, the finalised report is synced back into Console Cloud. An inspection is carried out in Inspection Manager, with a finalised report synced back into the Inspections tab in Console Cloud. Please note that inspection scheduling and entry notices are managed in Console Cloud.




About Console: Console has been the leading Australian provider of real estate, property management, and trust accounting software for 28 years. Its flagship product, Console Cloud, is the fastest-growing cloud-based Property Management software platform. Today, the business employs nearly 200 people across offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, with some staff also working remotely.

About Console Cloud: Console Cloud powers successful real estate agencies by helping property management professionals do less, make more, and grow more. Console Cloud is designed differently to other software to change how property managers deliver services. We’ve built clever workflows to help you do less admin, powerful business insights to help you make better decisions, and rich trust accounting functionality to let you do what you need to without workarounds.

So if you’re ready to do less admin, give customers better insights and value, and spend more time growing your portfolio, Console Cloud might be for you. For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn.


About Inspection Manager: As the leading software for property inspections and condition reports, Inspection Manager offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution built based on user feedback. Inspection Manager is currently used by over 20,000 property managers across Australia and New Zealand, with over 5.5 million inspections completed to date.

To learn more visit | LinkedIn | Facebook


Contact for more information: Natasha Anich, Growth & Strategy Lead — Console

1300 131 311.

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