Console Cloud infographic: a year of upgrades

June 25, 2020

Console Cloud Property Management Software has had a big impact on how efficiently real estate and property management agencies have been operating this year.


Our Console Cloud usage data shows that on average, agencies are saving 1.5 months per year, every year. This is just on day-to-day property management tasks alone. And while we are excited to head into a new year with launches scheduled for even bigger and more exciting features, we think it’s important to reflect on how far we’ve come during the 2019-2020 financial year.


A sample of what we delivered to Console Cloud customers this year

Some of the bigger features of our property management software launched:

In total, we launched 145 new features and improvements in the last twelve months.


We’ll call it: we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We’re proud of the real, tangible time savings and other feats we’ve delivered this year. We’ve worked hard, stuck to our values, and delivered consistently on our product promises.


Here’s a snapshot of some of our results.

property management software console cloud infographic


In spite of the odds

COVID-19, bushfires, #BLM: 2020 has been rough. All Console employees immediately began working from home in mid-March, where most of them still continue to work today. Working remotely requires a lot of collaboration and extra communication between employees.

As it happens, a significant driver of Console Cloud’s design was to create better remote collaboration and task efficiency for real estate and Property Management agencies. That focus served us well when we had to ‘eat our own dog food’ and work and collaborate remotely ourselves—as can be seen in our results.

It turns out that Console Cloud is uniquely good at driving better, faster communication and collaboration for Property Management professionals in both a remote and post-COVID-19 environment.


How can we tell?

Our customers hardly skipped a beat when locking down during COVID-19 restrictions—as you can see, in the infographic above. That data covers twelve months of our customers' usage statistics. Next financial year, Console Cloud promises even bigger time-savings and new ways to make more money in Property Management.

It will be, in other words, another year where our customers can do less (work), make more (money), and grow more (as a business).


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