Console Cloud mid-season product update

May 9, 2019

Console hosts a seasonal Console Cloud release webinar to launch and celebrate the biggest new updates to the platform.

And although the Autumn Release Webinar is done and dusted (watch it here if you missed it), we’re bursting at the seams with new features—many of which we previewed in the 2019 Autumn Release Webinar.

We’re talking about:

  • comprehensive REI forms integration for all users in QLD, NSW, ACT, TAS, SA, WA, and NT.
  • new powers to migrate your property management data
  • FlashScan, and
  • tenant applications and on-boarding workflow

Let’s get to it.

Comprehensive REI forms integration

If REI / Realworks support it, you’ve now got access to it in Console Cloud. With literally hundreds of forms available, you can now generate the one you need with pre-populated details in Console Cloud. It’s as easy as clicking a button and selecting the form. You can then use our communications features in Console Cloud to send the form to the desired recipient.

And if you’re worried about seeing 280193 forms from states and territories that you don’t need, never fear! We have geographically filtered them for you, so you’ll be able to just sift through the ones that apply to your state or territory first.

If you’re located in Victoria
Currently, there are no cloud-based forms providers in Victoria. We are currently investigating options to address this.

We’ve powered up our migration tool

You can now migrate scheduled property inspections from Gateway to Console Cloud. Anything that was scheduled to occur after your migration date to Console Cloud can now be carried over, and will be ready to roll from day one. So if you’re a Gateway customer, there’s never been a better time to migrate.

We’re committed to continually expanding the kinds of data that we can migrate to Console Cloud. In particular, we are improving migrations from PropertyMe, PropertyTree, REST, Rockend, and of course, Gateway. Keep an eye out for more Property Management data migration tech coming soon.

Flashscan—what a feeling!

FlashScan is here! FlashScan is an amazing new automated invoice processor. It lets you drag and drop scanned invoices into the Console Cloud payments window, reads them, and then automatically populates payment fields for your review. What a feeling!


Doris dancing in leg warmers flashscan

Flashscan uses Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology, which picks up letters and characters in documents and converts them to digital text. It saves buckets of data entry time for librarians and a host of other professionals around the world—and now it’s here to help you too.

If you’re already using Console Cloud
Go into Accounts > Payments > and drag and drop your scanned invoices into the window. FlashScan will read the document and work out who the creditor is, which property it relates to, and a number of other details.

To pay the invoice, enter a description of the invoice for the owner, and click Process. To rapidly process a number of invoices, simply select them all and drop into the window at once. Console Cloud will work through each one with you. It’s a much, much faster way to smash through invoice payments.

For more detail, check out our latest help article.

New tenant workflow

Console Cloud first released the workflow-style feature in November 2018, making them the first of their kind in Property Management and trust accounting software Australia-wide. Workflows let you complete complex or lengthy processes much more rapidly by working through a single tab in Console Cloud.

The new tenant on-boarding workflow helps you manage everything from the moment you receive a tenancy application through to on-boarding, while still working in the same screen.

Like our other workflows, Console Cloud records your actions, time stamps them, and helps you identify the next task in the process to be completed. It’s an easier way to create transparency where multiple people are working on the same files. But its big advantage is that it saves literal hours of time writing and consulting checklists, searching for information, and possibly creating double-ups.

If you’re already using Console Cloud
We’ve included notes, so you can capture additional information about prospective tenants. Everyone in your team can see the prospective tenants, and you can even favourite and shortlist applicants.

To avoid any manual handling, once you’ve chosen tenants for a lease, their property application feeds directly into the lease creation workflow.

Coming soon

For a full hit of features, previews and much more, make sure to tune into our next seasonal release.


Want to keep reading? Here are the five qualities of highly effective migrations, or get the full scoop on what we released at the Autumn, Summer and Spring release webinars.

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