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True Blue Arrears Automation | Myths Busted

Reduce your agency arrears by 50% with automation! We uncover the facts about arrears automation and how it can benefit your agency asap with Workflows.

February 22, 2023
10:00 AM AEST (Brisbane)

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What you'll learn:

How automation can reduce arrears by 50%
What true blue automation looks like
How customisation, arrears and automation work in Console Cloud

Our Attendees Receive:

On-demand copy of the webinar
Our Arrears Automation Guide & Checklist
Up to date information on all things automation and arrears

Topics of Discussion

We understand the role of a property manager is extremely busy! That’s why we've built the technology to help ease your workload.

Arrears is a fundamental workflow that can often be a huge time suck! To help you find new ways to save time and automate repetitive tasks, we're delighted to bring you this webinar that tackles everything arrears from the management process, to what true automation should really look like in a property management software.

We look forward to joining Matt and Courtney to debunk myths about automation when covering:

  • Improving cashflow
  • Reducing risk
  • Improving communications
  • Improving customer service

We'll also highlight how first-time automation users can turn on the Arrears Workflow, providing practical examples on how to get your workflow set up for success, as well as dive in to KPI reporting for arrears management.

Featured Speakers

Matt McGown

Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Courtney Scales

Head of Marketing


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