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Stress less with SMS

Manually calling clients is so last year. Automated, consistent follow-up through SMS is the secret sauce behind the agencies reducing their average arrears to under 4 days.


With Console SMS you can easily send bulk and individual SMS messages to contacts through both Console Cloud

Supercharge your teams efficiency with Console SMS & discover what it means to do less and make more


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One-click comms

Arrears made easy

Keep it personal with mail merge

Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR)

Whatever screen you're on, if there's a 'send message' button, you're only one click away from contact

Using Mail merge fields with your office details for easy reply from your clients

Your agency is in control of who receives automated SMS arrears notices and when

Reduce your average arrears through consistent communication without the extra work

Using Console SMS can save you time through automated, consistent follow-up, without the exhausting processes that can come with it

Property managers, do you find yourself spending a big chunk of your time following up tenant arrears? Are you wishing there was someone who could do the communication for your so you can get some time back in your day? Well look no further, Console Cloud has you covered.

Chasing up arrears can be time consuming, frustrating and mundane and for some of us we create habits like ignoring smaller rent arrears to try and save a bit of time in our day, but doing this can set the bar for our tenants that it’s ok for rent to be late, which then creates the flow on to our landlords to not receive their payments on time, and the cycle continues.

Property Management is a high demand role especially for those of you with substantial portfolios, so why not take advantage of saving time where you can using technology and automation.

The arrears workflow in Console Cloud can save you time through automated, consistent followup. Infact, we’ve found that Console clients who have been utilising the arrears workflow have managed to reduce their arrears from an average of 10 days to under 3. Not only that but clients using the workflow have commented that it’s saved them anywhere up to 40 – 45% of their property managers time.

Easily switch on SMS Automation and customise when and what is sent

Rent arrears should be a daily action, the last thing you want to be doing is going through ledgers with your tenants to try to figure out where they first started to fall behind.
With Console Clouds automated communications your agency is in control, which means you can set the message and the timing and let console cloud do the rest.

With communication sent through the automation, an audit trail is saved against the tenant timeline, so for principles who have an audit system in place monitoring arrears actions, you’ll be able to see on the tenant timeline when these communications have been sent.

Audit trails are automatically logged within the tenant timeline

So get time back in your day and start doing less, making more and add the secret sauce of automated consistent follow up through SMS.

Get started with the arrears workflow now to start achieving these amazing results.


There’s isn’t a specific function in Cloud that outlines the number of SMS sent during a billing period. However, you can go to your Communications icon at the top right of your Cloud screen and filter your comms by SMS to view a list of all SMS sent.

No, SMS plans are incorporated within your Cloud Subscription. See pricing for more info.

Yes, if you have automated SMS turned on in your Arrears workflow you can choose to turn this off on an individual level, however in your Inspections workflow a reminder SMS cannot be turned off on an individual level but will only be sent to tenants where an entry notice has been sent.

Once you have sent an SMS it will appear in the Timeline of the client and also in the Communications tab. You can view in either of these items to confirm if the SMS was successful. If the SMS failed, a ‘failed’ icon will appear next to the message.

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