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Manage rent the smart way, with Console Pay

Console Pay is a direct-debit solution that helps property managers handle tenant payments with ease while also simplifying receipting for you.  

Receive rent, bonds and invoices in Cloud, reduce the time it takes to receipt and make landlords happy with reliable disbursements… Sounds like a winning combo!

Console Pay is a direct debit and receipting solution that helps property managers take control of tenant payments. 

How does it do it? Using Console Pay you can set tenants payment schedules, automate rent, bond and invoice collection, as well as set frequency of payments and amounts. 

Did you say...

Automated payment collection

Faster and easier receipting

Cleared funds, quicker

Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR)

Faster and easier receipting. Don’t waste hours receipting. Console Pay automatically matches payments for you in Console Cloud and auto-receipts them at the click of a button.

Automate rent, bond + invoice collection. Set tenants’ payment schedules, including frequency and amounts. Making changes is easy and simple too, so you and your tenants have more flexibility.

Greater visibility. Console Pay lets you see tenant payments at a glance, including any dishonoured payments, so you can get in touch with them before things get out of hand.

Cleared funds, quicker. Collected payments are cleared and deposited into your trust account within two working days.

Console Pay allows you to reduce your receipting time to minutes.

Once a payment has cleared in your trust in 2 business days, it will appear in your bulk receipting screen without you needing to lift a finger. All you have to do is hit that receipt button and you’re done. In fact, Console Pay in Console Cloud is the only fully integrated payment solution in the industry.

Receipts are automatically imported into the bulk receipting screen ready for receipting

Implementing Console Pay into the office is totally stress-free, with automated invites through SMS or email sent to your tenants. Then they’re able to complete sign up to get started. Console Pay is also available for tenants to sign up using the Tenant app, eliminating the need for you to do a thing. Once a tenant has signed up, that information comes back to your office’s Console Cloud. 

Set to auto send invites to tenants, or send manually from the list as email or SMS

And what’s more, Console Pay works with all banks in Australia and New Zealand, and keeps your landlords happy with consistent, on-time disbursements. KPIs will be a breeze to meet using this advanced direct debit tool. 

Disburse to landlords on time, every time. Direct debit collection reduces the risk of late payments. Not only that, it gives your tenants one less thing to remember, with a set-and-forget direct debit payment collection.

Create payment schedules from Cloud, setup invoice default choices, and make new payments

What other benefits are there?

No more dishonoured payments – If you receipt funds that aren’t cleared, you may experience dishonours, and if the owner has already been disbursed that money then it calls for unpleasant conversations with your landlords. Using Console Pay, dishonours will be a thing of the past.

Other payment providers delay all settlements up to 4 days, which means you’re waiting a lot longer for the money; or they deposit uncleared funds into your trust account, which leaves you dealing with dishonours regularly. Using Console Pay, funds will be settled and to your trust account in 2 business days (usually 1 day for credit card transactions). 

Remove human error – Human error is reduced as workflow prompts remind you to update the schedule when lease details change (e.g. increased rent). 

Create more value for your landlords – Using Console Pay, your landlords receive their cleared funds quicker, not only that but it provides a stable cash flow for an agency.

So start saving time, reduce your arrears, and put smiles on your clients face with Console Pay. 

Console Pay Pricing

Australian Pricing

Includes admin, support & SMS reminders for tenants
  • Direct Debit $0.80 per transaction
  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) 1.5% (min $0.80)
  • Credit Card (Amex/Diners) 4.4% (min $0.80)
  • Dishonour fee (paid by tenant) $14.80
$0 / month


Most banks charge for each deposit into your trust account. So if all your tenants paid directly, deposit fees can quickly add up. 

With Console Pay you will receive one deposit (settlement) into your bank for the total amount of rent collected.  This will save you paying all the individual deposit fees. 

This is in addition to the time saved in rent receipting, and we all know time is money!

We have a simple all-inclusive fee structure that includes administration, support and SMS reminders for tenants.  There are no other set-up or ongoing fees (all incl GST)

When you complete the CSA you elect to pay the fees as an Agency, then you can recoup the costs from your landlords.  

You specify this in the CSA when you sign up.

The tenant enters an agreement with our partner Ezidebit to have their rent direct debited and they agree to pay the associated fees, just like their gym membership or childcare fees.  The tenant can choose to pay by direct debit or credit card. 

Ezidebit takes care of debiting the rent when it’s due along with the transaction fee. Then they deposit the rent into your trust account.

We recommend you check your state’s legislation to ensure you remain compliant.

You can choose to pay the dishonour fee at a reduced rate of $2.75

No. Console Pay is designed to give you control, with proactive rent collection for your landlords and efficient automated receipting.  With BPAY the tenant is still required to remember to pay their rent on time and to adjust the amounts when things change. 

People also regularly get their reference numbers wrong, which interrupts your receipting. 

We believe direct debit is a superior method to collect rent.

Not a problem.  Each tenant can have their own agreement and can choose how much rent they pay and the frequency.  Once debited, the rent and Console Pay will automate the receipting in Console Cloud to that tenancy.

That’s fine.  You can adjust the rent amount of the Console Pay tenant’s rent contribution and Console Pay will automatically receipt their rent.  You would receipt the remaining rent in Cloud manually for the other tenants not using Console Pay

Yes.  You can invoice tenants for their rent and use direct debit to collect the rent and receipt it using Console Pay.

Yes.  Since not all of your tenants are likely to sign up at once, you can continue receipting rent using other methods until they do. 
Agencies get the optimal benefit in time saved when they have most of their tenants paying by Console Pay, as the majority of their rent receipting is automated in this case. So, we recommend having our Customer Success Managers to assist with bulk onboarding your tenants.

No.  There is no need to download separate files and import them to the Bulk Receipting screen.  Console Pay is fully integrated and automatically pulls settled transactions into Cloud, ready for you to receipt.

If the debit is scheduled for a weekend or public holiday, it will be debited on the next working day.

Console Pay allows you to receipt transactions by the date they occurred, so you can easily see, select and receipt the transactions that settled up to the end of month, reconcile and close your month.

Other payment providers delay all settlements up to 4 days, which means you’re waiting a lot longer for the money; or they deposit uncleared funds into your trust account, which leaves you dealing with dishonours regularly.

Ezidebit will settle funds to your trust account in 2 business days (usually 1 day for credit card transactions).  There is a very small number of cases (3 out of every 8000 transactions that Ezidebit process, or 0.0375%, on average) where the banks notify very late that a payment has failed, and this is called a “late return”. 

In those rare cases the next day’s settlement from Ezidebit will be “short settled” and if the transaction had been receipted this will need to be reversed.  

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