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Get to Know the most Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting Tool in the Market

How well do you know your business? Would you know which of your properties are unprofitable to manage? Or perhaps you’re interested to know where your agency is benchmarked against other agencies on Cloud for arrears management? Then Insights Pro sounds like it’s for you.

Using Insights Pro, you can get ahead of your competition. Insights Pro is the only reporting tool in the market that leverages big data to continuously identify operational optimisations that can lead to increased profitability for principals, finance managers and senior property managers. 

Did you say...

Advanced data analysis and intelligence

Identify properties where commission values are lower than they should be

Real-time view of your position on arrears rent, work and income

Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR)

Generates a list of potentially under-rented properties for your agency to review so you can identify those where commission values are lower than what they should be.

Office roll up, to see aggregated values in Insights Pro via the office filter. This means no more switching between Cloud offices.

View your agency versus all agencies on Cloud in comparison for your State or Territory. This helps to see day to day trends and understand the total value of outstanding rent.

See how much work is involved in managing each property in your portfolio relative to other properties in the portfolio.

By leveraging the power of advanced data analysis, Insights Pro is designed to identify opportunities to increase profitability within your property management operations.

Whether you’re a Principal, Owner with one or multiple offices, finance manager or a senior property manager, Insights Pro provides you with the data and tools to be ahead of the game. 


Using Insights Pro you can find data on your business ensuring your working to the highest profitiability and efficiency. 

View a breakdown of uneconomic and economic properties for you agency

So lets look under the hood here at some more of the data that Insights Pro is able to provide. 

  • Work vs Income Report: This report generates a list of potentially unprofitable properties for your agency to review
  • Arrears Benchmarking Report: Ranks your agency against other agencies on Cloud in arrears management
  • Rental Rates Report: Generates a list of potentially under-rented properties for the agency to review 

Plus much, much more.

View statistics for Economic Classification on your properties

See the arrears amount trends for the last 60 days 

So what are you waiting for, get to know the ins and outs of your business using Insights Pro and understanding day by day trends. Sign up to Premium to enjoy exclusive business and market intelligence with no ongoing costs.  


Insights Pro is a paid add-on to the core reporting suite in Console Cloud. It uses advanced data analysis to help identify properties under management that could be losing money for the agency.

To disable Insights Pro, you need to first contact support.

Support will then create a ticket for the devs to disable the add-on.

You can enable Insights Pro within Cloud. The Cloud Office Administrator in your office can subscribes to add-on Insights Pro through the Insights tab. This will turn on Insights Pro for all Office Administrators in the office. Your agency will be billed on your next monthly bill.

If you decide that you’re office would like to disable Insights Pro you can contact the support team on 1300 131 311 to discuss.

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