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Are you looking for market-leading features to manage your commercial portfolio wanting an all in one platform with information at your fingertips?

Well stick around to find out more about Console Commercial. 

After vast surveys we’ve recognised that there is a large group of clients who need commercial specific functionality, so whether you’re a small or large agency and you manage a subset of commercial properties then Console Commercial is for you.

Did you say...

BAS Calculation Reporting

Building Performance Reports & Budget Reconciliations

Income vs Expense Reportings

Note: Some features are still being built. 

Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR)

Advanced top-level performance reporting allows principals key oversight into rent roll health

On-charge owner bills to tenants easily, group properties by building for top-down budget allocation and amortise budgets down to tenancies within a group

Advanced designs allow visibility across residential and commercial portfolios in one screen

Capture and track insurance expiries, compliance obligations and maintenance activities, with automation taking care of follow up for expiring compliance items

Console Commercial will become available to our Console clients early 2021.


Off the back of the initial release, we will continue to enhance the capabilities, depth and breadth into other areas such as lease renewals, commercial inspection templates, advanced ownership financial reporting, budgets and business insights.


See all of your Commercial specific requirements in one view

You may be finding that at the moment you’re spending a large amount of your time on manual task tracking using excel spreadsheets to track and record daily tasks. Console Commercial removes the need of manual tasks and incorporates automation to keep track of your daily tasks like tenancy insurance expiries, rent reviews etc. 


Using our powerful workflows, specific capabilities will be built to meet Commercial needs such as rent arrears automation, vacates and renewals. Relevant information such as tenancies pay outgoings and type can be viewed at a glance, along with specific filters to show you just what you need to know and get information on your Commercial portfolio quicker. 

View buildings, properties and ownership detail

Lets take a deeper look at these capabilities. You can now create recurring invoices for dissections other than rent, such as Commercial Outgoings Recoverable  as well as the ability to on-charge an owners bill to a tenancy, this may be commonly used when a Commercial lease is responsible for outgoings based on actuals

Plus providing the ability to pass on and amortise an owners bill to a group of tenants such as in a building. 

Detailed owner statement reporting 

Console Commercial also allows you to capture tenant insurance expiries, compliance obligations and other lease specific terms, which can begin to automate some of the more regular daily tasks, such as chasing up and storing insurance certificates, automating maintenance jobs for tenancy liable compliance items and storing/tracking of associated certificates

As your landlords are becoming more tech savvy and value driven, many of our clients have expressed a need for commercial specific inspection capabilities.

This is becoming as an expected service to be provided as part of the MNGT fees for a commercial property, partly due to many landlords owning both residential and commercial properties and already receiving inspection reports for their residential properties.

With Console Commercial, we plan on delivering basic inspection templates for commercial to work with our apps. 

On-charge owner bills to tenants

Reporting is a fundamental part of Commercial Management, with Console Commercial, we plan to deliver some of the more commonly used reports including:

  • BAS calculation reporting
  • Building performance reports and budget reconciliations
  • Income vs expense reporting
  • Tenancy schedules

So what are you waiting for? Manage your commercial properties efficiently with market leading features, go to the marketplace in Console Cloud today to register your interest.’


Console Commercial

Pricing Based on Properties Under Management
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Yes, using the Commercial add-on you can have an all-in-one software package to manage your portfolios

Cloud does has free Commercial features that allows you to manage a small commercial portfolio, however with the Commercial add-on you will have access to your Commercial portfolios to be part of your workflows, along with specific Commercial reporting, the ability to on-charge owner bills to tenants, income vs expense reporting and building performance reports and budget reconciliations.

Yes, any Commercial properties you currently have created in Cloud will migrate to be part of the Commercial feature.

Yes, our online training platform provides free extensive learning on how to utilise the Commercial feature, along with knowledge base articles for any how to questions you may have along the way. You’ll also have access to our support team should you get stuck.

Compared to other industry products Cloud has features such as:
Advanced UX – no other platform can provide you with all in one ownership management screen, where you can see sub groups of properties under the one ownership view. 

Reporting. Filtered views, dashboard widgets and dedicated Commercial management screens all allow the user a more comprehensive view of their Commercially specific portfolio

Workflow power. Harnessing the efficiencies of our current residential workflows; we are expanding many of the capabilities to our Commercial module, commencing with the automated arrears management and inspections workflows.


Console Commercial

Pricing Based on Properties Under Management
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