Your guide to transitioning from RPOffice to Console Cloud

What you need to do to prepare your rent roll for an upgrade before September 1st.

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Prepare your teams and your data


Your teams: The more your team prepares, the more successful the migration will be. You’ll receive support along the way from our onboarding and customer success teams to guide you through this process.  

Your data: Your onboarding specialist will provide you with data health reports, giving you the opportunity to spring clean your database.


Lock in your migration date

WEEK 2-3
  • Once your data is looking fit and fabulous, your account manager will set a date for your upgrade.

  • During this time, your data will be migrated over into a sandbox environment, and reports will be provided to you to gain insight into how your data has come across.

  • Our team of experts will guide you through the system to get you ready for the move, based on your preferred learning style.

Notify your stakeholders


Keeping your stakeholders informed on your systems change is an exciting time. It's also a great opportunity to tell them about your new system's benefits, like the new portals and apps they can access, giving you an edge to look even better.


Go live!


Now that your data is in tip-top shape, your teams are trained, and your stakeholders excited about the new digital experiences you can provide to them - it’s time to go live!

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Your migration guide

Company/Business Name
Licensee Number
Email addresses
General Business Contacts
Full name
Mobile number
Personal email address
Home address
Creditor references
Company name/Business name
Bank Payment Method
Account name
BSB number
Account Number
Licence and insurance
Insurance expiry date
Statement Delivery Method
Interest on rent/outgoings
Unit/Lot Number
Street Number
Property address
Key number
Key number comment
Active properties
Inactive properties
Property use/Property type
Property notes
Compliance details
Previous tenancies
Property management agreements
Owner contacts
Primary contact
Asking rent
Sundry fees
Commission fee
Letting Fee on Annual rent
Letting Fee
Advertising Fee
Owner disbursement payment method
Owner disbursement statement delivery
Owner disbursement payment split
Inactive PMAs
GST Flag
Tenant agreements
Agreement reference
Tenant Reference
Inaugural lease start date
Tenant contact details and address
Lease start date
Lease term
Lease end date
Vacate date
Rent amount
Rent frequency
Rent increase
Recurring rent invoices
Rent Review type
Rent Review Due Date
Rent History
Rent references
Bond References
Bond In Trust
Bond Deposited
Bond Required
Paid to Dates
Part payments/on account
Recurring/Outgoings Recoverable
Liability percentage
Invoice Credits
Lease Renewal options
Options Dates open/close
Annual rent
Tenant opening balances
Tenant deposits
Owner opening balances
Owner deposits
Creditor opening balances
Sales deposits
Tenant paid to dates and credits
Pending payments
Outstanding invoices
Open maintenance requests and quotes
Work orders
Open future inspections
Sales properties
Sales under contract
Sales balances

This migration guide is specific to single trust, residential portfolios. Data migration is subject to which version of RPO your office is operating off, and may be subject to change based on your unique situation. For more information, please fill out the form above to discuss with your customer success manager.

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Property management software that saves time & helps you grow your rent roll.

What if you could increase your portfolio performance by 30% by just changing your software to help you work less and grow faster? Now you can with Console Cloud.

Cut down on arrears and more with automation.

Clear out your inbox faster and cut down on those to-do lists by using Console Cloud's handy automation helper to deliver streamlined process improvements across: arrears, inspections, maintenance, lease renewals, compliance, applications, vacates and more!

"Console Cloud has taken away so much of the tedious background work when processing property management. In our business where a person has responsibilities in more than one area, Cloud's efficiency frees up time considerably for other duties. It helps us help our clients more than any previous software we have used."
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Find new ways to grow your rent roll.

Using AI and predictive modelling, see your rent roll in a totally new light - without the spreadsheets! Get access to state-of-the-art KPI, performance and drill down reports, with data visualisation and customisation, all included within your software subscription (no extra fees!).

"We have been using Console Cloud after moving from Gateway, since early 2020 and have been loving the upgraded system. I am head of accounts in our office and Mid and End of Month disbursements are so quick and easy, as is completing End of Financial Year. There are great reports to show how employees and the office is performing. Overall it is great system that has simplified many of our day to day tasks."
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Streamline processes = increased ROI

On average, our customers have seen a 40% improvement in their arrears management in just 6 months of using Console Cloud. That's just one of many awesome improvements you'll see by adopting automation into your life.

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Support Where You
Need It

Receive dedicated account management as well as phone, email & chat service from our support team, rated 4.8 stars out of 5 from our customers.

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Increase Retention
Lower Churn

Create happier landlords by giving them improved insights into their investments with portals and meaningful reports to drive quality conversations.

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Grow Faster
Work Less

Easily automate all the manual follow-up tasks that kill your property management productivity. Console Cloud will help you scale without hiring more people.

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You're supported by something much bigger with Reapit

You no longer need to go searching for the best proptech... it's all in one place.

With Console Cloud, you're a part of a larger group within the Reapit family of products. We're a global company, but we're local at heart, with our people located across every major city in Australia and New Zealand.

Gone are the days of shopping around for the best software programs across the market; it's now all in one place - with customers getting the best price and access to integrated solutions across their Property Management Software, Sales CRM software, and Digital Solutions Software.

Our expanding suite of brands includes Agentbox, Inspect Real Estate, Console Cloud, and Agentpoint - giving you the best solutions in proptech in the market all in the one place.

Plain and simple: Reapit helps you to grow your rent roll and never miss a sale without the need for multiple software solutions and extra resources to help you get the job done.

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