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BPAY now available in Console Cloud


BPAY is about managing all your bills in one place with a single click.

It’s the system that gives Australians and New Zealanders confidence in the security of online banking. Pair that functionality with the flexibility and ease of Console Cloud? That’s a powerful new way to save time and cognitive load for property managers.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that advanced functionality for BPAY is now in Console Cloud. BPAY is supported by the majority of banks in Australia and New Zealand as a fast and secure way to pay invoices. It’s also used by a broad range of common creditors for property managers—energy providers, telecommunications companies, local councils, and more. Now you can pay owners’ bills faster, with less checking and cross checking, and less double-handling. 

If you are using Console Cloud, you can enable BPAY payments by navigating to Settings > Banking, and activate the use of BPAY Batch Files. Make sure to enter your creditors’ BPAY Biller Code against their file before your first disbursement, and you’re good to go. 

Want to save even more time? Try using our drag and drop BPAY bulk payments option. Once you’ve enabled BPAY and set up your creditors, all that’s left to do is just that: drag and drop PDFs into the payments window. Console Cloud will then help you prepare to process your payments. 

It’s just the latest feature we’ve launched as part of a rapidly evolving product. If you’d like to see all the features we’ve launched in Console Cloud recently, you can find them here.


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