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Don't get busy, get smart

Maintenance Pro makes handling repair tasks easier for property managers by using intuitive workflows to reduce workload and smart communication to keep everyone informed

Benefits of Maintenance Pro



Clear view of all requests, repair progress, and urgent issues on your dashboard.

Freedom to assign maintenance requests to a property manager or to agency teams means workload is shared so nothing is missed.



Handles after-hour issues and automatically sends your nominated emergency tradesperson to the job, notifying you only when something needs your attention.


Smart Updates

Intuitively keeps tenants and owners informed throughout the process and automatically sends job details to trades so you don’t have to.



All communication and actions automatically logged for every single job so an audit trail is ready for download or print at any time.


24/7 Care

The Tenant app’s step-by-step guides help tenants troubleshoot and resolve issues safely and quickly while gathering key information should you need it later.


Skilled Trades

Trusted trades from a ready-pool of 75,000 skilled professionals so jobs are done right and liability is reduced for you and the owner.

A property manager saves more than 83% of their time using Maintenance Pro compared to doing so using traditional methods.

What's included

No software to download or additional fees 
Maintenance Pro’s advanced features are available with your Console Cloud subscription



Maintenance Pro automates the workflow between the office, owners, tenants and trades to save you time. It also intuitively sends updates to everyone involved so you don’t have to.


Smart settings let you decide if you want to be notified or to send requests directly to your nominated emergency tradesperson based on time of day, severity or urgency. 

Personal Assistant

This means every property manager gets a personal virtual assistant at no cost to the agency. 

Seriously, it’s free as part of your Cloud subscription.


Quick Quotes

When a job quote is needed, all it takes are a few clicks to select which tradies to invite and Maintenance Pro takes care of the rest. Sit back or free yourself from the desk and it’ll let you know when it starts to receive quotes.


Owner Approval

If owners prefer to be involved in selecting trades, they can easily approve quotes with just a few taps so jobs get started quickly and tenants have a safer home.

Real-Time Updates

The selected tradesperson gets all the job details in real-time with no need for phone calls, SMSs or chasing for info. 

Built-in smart communication even notifies trades who didn’t win the job with a courtesy message on your behalf.



Reduce Risk & Liability

Using certified and trusted trades means repairs are done safely and correctly, reducing liability to the property manager, the agency and the landlord. 

On-Hand To Help

The tenant app’s built-in step-by-step guides troubleshoot and often resolve issues safely and quickly for tenants, 24 hours a day and even on weekends, without a need to raise a repair ticket. 

We know sometimes it’s just a matter of checking the circuit breaker or turning off the oven  timer. If not, it’ll send an alert to your on-duty staff.

Audit Trail

Automatic system logs keep a record of all action taken and communication made for every job so an audit trail is ready for download or print at a click of your mouse.


Now available in Console Cloud marketplace and free to your agency

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