Inbound SMS
Comms made easy

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Send and receive SMS comms directly into your inbox with inbound SMS

All your comms in one place

Send, receive and manage not just emails but also SMS messages. With an easy to view dashboard, there’s no more detective work trying to piece together conversations with tenants, owners and creditors.

Communicate as one team

With a consolidated view of all your conversations, colleagues can easily chip in and help out, knowing exactly what’s been said and done.

Keep records straight

Easily download a full transcript of tenant communications, both SMS and email. Keep a clear record of all communication and provide you and the team with extra safeguards for unavoidable moments when disputes arise.

Conversations made easy

With a comprehensive feature set to power not just inbound SMS but also simplify comms management altogether, your day to day work becomes just that little more enjoyable.

  • Receive replies to SMS

    Enable the ability for tenants owners and creditors to reply back when you send SMS messages.

  • Receive replies in Console Cloud

    See all SMS replies in Console Cloud without having to jump between your desktop and phone to retrace message threads.

  • Integrated comms list (email and sms)

    One simple view for all outgoing and incoming messages means you and your team can easily see and manage all comms from one centralised location.

  • Link message to a contact

    When you receive a reply, Console Cloud will automatically identify the sender by the contact number, keeping records clean.

  • Reply to messages inline

    See messages come in real-time and message back directly through the comms feature.

  • Downloadable audit trail

    Cover you and your team by enabling downloadable communication trails of both emails and SMS's that gives you the right proof for disputes and tribunals.

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