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A mobilised inspection process for faster inspections, less paperwork and comprehensive reporting

Wanting to declutter some of that endless pile of paperwork that never seems to end? Or perhaps needing to find ways to get some time back into your day so you can get home at a reasonable hour.

Then jump on to Console Go Inspect & discover industry leading features. 

Did you say...

Paperless inspections

Digital signatures

Smart inspection templates based on property layouts

Note: Some features are still being built. See the full feature roadmap below.

Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR)

Completely mobilise your inspection process with all of your tenant, landlord and property information on your mobile or tablet so you can communicate on the go

Features such as inspection note dictation, high-quality photo uploads, maps & mobile maintenance requests

Eliminate double-handling, directly sync to your Console Cloud office including offline uploads when you're back at the office when needed

Speedy inspection process with no more paperwork, inspect, record, send and move on to the next property

Console Go Inspect gives you industry leading inspection features, with the ability to communicate to your clients on the go and save time while inspecting your properties.

Console Go gives you all of your tenant, landlord and property information on your mobile or tablet – so you can communicate on the go.


Search for properties tenant and landlord info on the go

With the Console Go Inspect add-on you can entirely mobilise your inspection process—using features like inspection note dictation, high-quality photo uploads, maps and mobile maintenance requests.


Upload images, log maintenance requests and quick record notes

So what are the benefits? Faster Inspections, Less Paperwork and Comprehensive Reporting that your landlords will love.

Property managers, your day to day can be hectic with all the inspections, reporting, communicating and a pile of manual processing waiting for you at the office. 

Console Go Inspect can supercharge your efficiency so you’ve got everything you need to review and manage properties on the road.

Inspect, record, send and navigate to the next property.


So what’s it look like for you? 

Streamline your processes – no more paperwork, just inspect, record, send and move on to the next property.

Access everything from your mobile or tablet – see all of your property, tenant and owner info, anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate double-handling – Console Go Inspect directly syncs to your office Console Cloud, including offline uploads when you’re back at the office when needed.


Send digital inspection reports from site

All of the features you need for smart, efficient property management.
And what’s more, all of these features won’t cost a fortune, Console Go Inspect directly connects with your Console Cloud subscription – giving you a complete, all-in-one system for a low monthly price.

You’ll be amazed at the difference Console Go Inspect can make to your day.

So what are you waiting for.

Feature Spotlight

See all the Industry leading features built into and dropping into Console Go Inspect very soon.


Console Cloud With Console Go

Console Go Inspect

Inspection scheduling and management

Prepare inspection reports on desktop

Copy past inspection info (comments and photos)

Automated inspection reminders (Email/SMS)

Tenants can self-inspect their rental property

Access to contact, tenancy and property information in the palm of your hand

Use Maps to navigate to property

Complete inspections on mobile devices (phone / tablet)

Use voice-to-text to convert spoken words to comments on the report

Capture high-quality photos using your device's camera or attach photos in your device library / gallery

Send completed routine inspections to owners and tenants directly from the app

Full offline inspection capability with automatic uploads when connected to a network

More than one person can inspect the property at the same time

View all past and future inspections scheduled in the app

Access to all past inspections (including comments and photos) in the app

Raise maintenance requests during the inspection

Access to property and tenancy info relating to the inspection

Track progress during an inspection

Coming Soon

Message tenants at the start and end of inspection from the app

Paperless Entry / Exit inspections

Message tenants on start and end of inspection

Digital signatures embedded on inspection reports

Smart templates for inspections based on property and room layouts


Console Go Inspect Pricing

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Price per property
30c /per month


We know that Inspections is one of the biggest and most time-consuming tasks for agencies. We have been investing in a new app with advanced features that make property inspections a breeze. But we do that while also tightly integrating the new app with the inspections workflow in Console Cloud, to ensure that your properties are inspected regularly and on time. 

The integration with Console Cloud will also enable you to easily share inspection reports with owners and tenants using our Owner Portal and Tenant App. 

Console Go is a free app available for iOS and Android devices and is part of your Console Cloud subscription. It gives you access to all of your tenant, landlord and property information on your mobile or tablet—so you can communicate on the go.

Console Go Inspect is an optional, paid add-on that unlocks additional features in the app to entirely mobilise your inspection process.  It includes features like inspection note dictation, high-quality photo uploads, maps, mobile maintenance requests and more. You can activate the Console Go Inspect add-on from Console Cloud’s Marketplace page in your Console Cloud office. 

Console Go can be downloaded and installed for free in the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

To use Console Go’s Inspect features, you will need to enable it within Console Cloud.

You can enable the app’s inspections capabilities by activating the Console Go Inspect add-on in Console Cloud’s Marketplace.

No migration necessary! Both apps synchronise with Console Cloud, but Console Go Inspect is significantly more stable, so you can actually rest assured that your data will be there when you want it. Any inspections that were performed in the Console PM app will of course be available to you to access and edit in Console Go Inspect.

To reward early adopters we are offering a special discount for a full 12 months from when you sign up.  The early bird discount saves you ~20% for a full year.

This offer is for a limited time only.

Yes. Console Go Inspect syncs directly with your Console Cloud account so you have access to the latest owner, tenant and property information at all times. 

If you have the Console Go Inspect add-on enabled in Marketplace your inspections in Console Cloud are synced as well and are available automatically in the app.

Yes, you can cancel  your subscription at any time by deactivating the app  in Console Cloud’s Marketplace page. All your data will still be in Console Cloud. You’ll be able to log in and continue to use the Console Go app without the inspections features.

Console Go Inspect is billed the same way Console Cloud is – based on the number of active properties you have under management. 

The rate is calculated automatically depending on the number of properties you have under management during the billing period so you don’t need to worry about which plan you need to be on as we take care of that.


The Console PM app will be retired in April 2021, because it is built on an application framework that is now outdated and unsupported, with improvements to the app no longer feasible. This means we are not able to update the old app, and we cannot make improvements to it. This has implications for our customers that we deem unacceptable, such as higher crash rates, loss of data, and other errors which may make the app inoperable.

This, combined with significant volumes of customer feedback asking for more advanced features, was why  we decided to build a new app from the ground up, based on the latest available technology. It means we could build an app that we felt confident would provide a much better user experience, simply do more stuff, and would be far more stable. So that’s what we did.  We will keep supporting the old Console PM app in the short term, for as long as our customers need it.

The Console PM app was built first and foremost to do inspections and that’s it. Console Go is a new companion app for Console Cloud.

It’s more than just inspections. You can find information about your properties and contacts, and communicate directly with your owners and tenants. As far as inspections, we’ve listened to your feedback and Console Go Inspect provides all the same features as the old app and much more.


Sure. Both apps will connect to your inspection workflow in Console Cloud and allow you to review, capture and complete inspections.

Note that we will eventually retire the Console PM app which means you will only be able to use Console Go Inspect (or other paid third-party inspection apps) to do inspections. 


Not yet but this feature is in development and coming soon so stay tuned.

Unlike the free Console PM app,  Console Go Inspect  entirely mobilises your inspection process—using features like inspection note dictation, high-quality photo uploads, maps, mobile maintenance requests, and more. Over time we will be adding even more features, including advanced features like paperless inspections in Console Cloud that will be part of the whole package. 

If you do not wish to pay for the app’s advanced inspections features, no worries! The Console Go app is still free and you will continue to have access to your data on the go where you can also communicate with your owners and tenants. 


No. You can use our awesome third-party partners’ inspections apps too. You can check out our full list of partners in the Console Cloud Marketplace page.


Yes. One of the new features that we added to Console Go is the ability to change which office you are in. You can do this from the Settings page in the app and tapping on Office to change it.

Please check out our knowledge base article on Console Go Inspect as well as the short video series over at Console Nebula in the Console Specialist course



  • Paperless Inspections
  • Digital Signatures
  • Smart Templates
30c/m per property

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