Autumn Release Webinar

Highlights from the Autumn Release Webinar


We’ve released so many exciting new features this season in Console Cloud.

If you missed our Autumn Release Webinar, (or even if you didn’t), we launched a number of powerful features our customers have been waiting for. There’s a new tenant selection workflow, bulk email and SMS, online document storage and filing, better forms integration, and so much more.

So if you’ve been waiting until these features were live before migrating to Console Cloud—then hooray! Your wait is over. Read more about what we released this season, below.


Words, words, words. Show me the webinar!

Console Cloud Autumn Release Webinar recap

Feature 1: tenant selection workflow

We’ve introduced the first stage of our new tenant workflow. It gives you and your team full transparency over tenant applications, and enables you to keep everything in one place—there’s no need for external systems or fiddly spreadsheets.

We’ve included notes, so you can capture additional information about the application that everyone in your team can see, and you can even favourite and shortlist particular applicants. Even better, tenant selection feeds directly into the lease creation workflow, saving you even more time and creating a logical progression to the leasing process, end to end.

Feature 2: automatic transaction imports from multiple banks

When you enable the Bank Feed feature in Console Cloud, bank transactions from your trust account will automatically be imported. Powered by Yodlee, this new feature works with all major Australian banks to cut both the time needed to manually upload bank files, and the time it takes to manually match receipts.

With automatic transaction imports, all transactions are uploaded, matched (as rent) and ready to receipt without any action from the property manager. In other words, you can now receipt in a single click when you’re ready to go.

Feature 3: bulk email and sms communication

You can now bulk email and SMS your contacts too. In Contacts, bring up the list of people you would like to contact—grouped by Owners, Tenants and Creditors. You can then filter, select or deselect everyone you’d like to SMS or email.

Once you’ve drafted the message you’d like to send, hit go, and your SMS or email will automatically be recorded in each contact’s timeline, with a time stamp, a copy of the communication, and whether the message was successfully delivered.

You don’t have to send in bulk, of course. If you prefer, select and email or SMS individual contacts. Any screen where you can see a ‘send message’ button, you can SMS or email that individual contact. Easy.

Email signature and logo

You can also set up your office’s email signature and logo to be sent at the bottom of any email dispatched in Console Cloud. To set up yours, go to Settings > Office and enter your details.

Feature 4: FlashScan

FlashScan is an automated invoice processing feature in console cloud. Go into Accounts > Payments > and drag and drop your scanned invoices into the window. FlashScan will read the document and work out who the creditor is, which property it relates to, and a number of other details.

To pay the invoice, enter a description of the invoice for the owner, and click Process. To rapidly process a number of invoices, simply select them all and drop into the window at once. Cloud will work through each one with you. As you click Process, Console Cloud will bring up the next invoice, and so on. It’s a much, much faster way to smash through invoice payments.

Feature 5: better forms integration

While Console Cloud already integrates with a few REI forms, more are about to become available soon. How many more, you ask? Oh just another 459 or so forms. Don’t worry, we’ve filtered them by state and territory, so if you’re in Queensland, you’ll only see REIQ forms.

We’re making it faster and easier to find and use the right form for the right time.

Feature 6: Document management

You can now store videos, scans, documents, images and any other kind of file you need in Console Cloud. Simply pull up the property, tenant, owner, or creditor you would like to associate with the file, open the documents tab, and drop it in there. Currently, there is no limit on how many files you can store against each contact.

  1. To file a document, open the property, tenant, owner or creditor file you’d like to store it in.
Highlights from the Autumn Release Webinar
  1. Click into the Documents tab and click Upload a File. This will allow you to select up to 100 documents, or 125MB total file size worth of documents at a time.
Document in Cloud

If you just want to store a file without associating it with tenant or other records, there is a general library available to you as well. To access your general document storage area, click on the folder icon in the navy header panel. Select Upload File to select your files.

This space is perfect for storing ad-hoc documentation, like office policies and other collateral. Save documents here, and you can download them on the go—wherever you are.

The future of Console Cloud

What do all these features have in common? They’re all about creating a state of flow—of communication, of money, and of work. We’re making it easier than ever to transact, contact and get it done, so that you can grow more efficient, more valuable, and more competitive.

That’s our vision for Console Cloud. We’re not just adding a little automation and bringing what you already do onto the cloud—we’re breaking down, defining and mapping the processes that make up Property Management, and crafting logical flows that create major efficiencies. It’s a platform for the future, not just a slightly more advanced present.

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