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Inspect your properties the easy way

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Console Go gives you all of your tenant, landlord and property information on your mobile or tablet – so you can communicate on the go

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Unlock extra features with the Console Go Inspect add-on to entirely mobilise your inspection process—using features like inspection note dictation, high-quality photo uploads, maps, mobile maintenance requests and more.

Faster Inspections
Less Paperwork
Comprehensive Reporting

Your all-in-one app for property inspections

As a property manager, you have a lot to do each day – inspections, reporting, communicating (with tenants and owners) and a pile of manual processing waiting for you at the office.

Console Go Inspect supercharges your efficiency – giving you everything you need to review and manage properties on the road.


It’s like having an entirely mobile, digital office. 

All of the features you need for smart, efficient property management​

Schedule > Navigate > Inspect > Record > Send

Console Go Inspect is the solution you’ve been looking for – delivering cost savings and efficiency in one go. Our fully featured app allows you to

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Organise your day and manage your schedule on your device.


With built-in mapping, you can find your way to each inspection, easily and efficiently.

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Entry, Exit and Routine inspections are all easy with Console Go with Inspect. Just start an inspection and follow the prompts to ensure you do a full, thorough job each time. You can even collaborate with a colleague to inspect larger properties simultaneously.


With the Inspect feature, you can record the property condition using your devices voice to text function, take and upload high-quality images that are time-stamped to your report and raise maintenance requests that link to your workflow.

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Once done, you can send digital inspection reports directly to your tenants and owners or message them while you’re still onsite. That means your day is almost done when you finish your last inspection, avoiding a paperwork pile at the office.

Ultimate efficiency, at a price that will surprise you

Unlike some ‘inspection apps’ that cost a fortune, Console Go Inspect directly connects with your Console Cloud subscription – giving you a complete, all-in-one system for a low monthly price. To try it, simply pre register below to be notified at launch and access your FREE 60-day trial today.

Property managers absolutely love using the
new Console Go app​

You’ll be amazed at the difference Console Go Inspect can make to your day.

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