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Console is taking commercial property management to the next level with the launch of Console Commercial. To help you learn more, we invite you to our Live Commercial Q&A Session where we’ll take you through frequently asked questions as well as inviting the audience to ask any questions.

What: Console Commercial Live Q&A session
Time/Date: 25th of March VIC/NSW/TAS: 11:30AM, QLD:10:30AM, WA: 8:30AM, NZ: 1:30PM, SA: 11:00AM, NT: 10:00AM 


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There’s a new, better way to manage your properties. Get running with next-gen commercial property management software that automates and simplifies every task, all through one smart interface.

  • Workflow Automation

    Providing powerful tools to reduce your workload, our automation tools have been infused across compliance, inspections, leases, budgets, maintenance, rent arrears and much more. Focus on the things that matter the most and leave the rest to Console Commercial.

  • Comms & Audit Trails

    Cut the back and forth by always storing and accessing all communications within the platform and get a clear audit trail on any actions.

  • Lease & Bond Management

    Simplify lease management by consolidating all information in one place, or use functionality that helps you with day to day tasks such as setting up automated lease reviews, or access bond receipts and reports through the click of a button.

  • Rent & Outgoings

    With comprehensive tenant rent/outgoings invoicing and automated rent reviews, Console Commercial ensures you are able to remove some of your workload.

  • Inspections on the Go

    Upload, share and store inspections with all parties through the click of a button. Want to enhance the inspection process? Opt for Go Inspect and get access to powerful inspection tools allowing you do inspections on the road, anytime, anywhere.

  • Insurance & Compliance

    Limit risk and discrepancies - ensure compliance and insurances are up to date by using quick and easy bulk communication workflows whilst also storing all information on the platform.

  • Maintenance

    Raise maintenance requests or set up recurring maintenance and keep everyone up to date with integrated comms capabilities.

  • Reporting & Performance

    Power your business for growth with performance reporting that gives you a clear view of the health of your portfolio.

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Not quite ready for a trial? Check out our on-demand Commercial webinar to learn more about commercial:

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