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Your agency will see a 30% increase in productivity with Console Cloud, or your money back.

Our 30% productivity guarantee

We truly believe in Console Cloud’s ability to help your property management business become 30% more productive – so much so that we promise to refund your subscription fee in full if you don’t see results.

Best of all – there’s no catch! All you need to do is use a set of features included in Console Cloud, and see the difference that is already increasing other agencies productivity by 30% or more.

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Book in a time to chat with one of our friendly Console team members who will walk you through how Console Cloud will accelerate your agency’s growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for a guaranteed 100% refund if you don’t see a 30% boost in productivity, you agree to use the following parts of the Console Cloud product suite on the Premium subscription:

  1. Console Pay
  2. Console MaintenancePro
  3. Our automated workflows for arrears, lease renewals and compliance, and
  4. Our inspections features.

You must also use the product suite for a minimum of 6 months, and advise Console within 12 months of your go-live date if you believe we have not made good on our guarantee and would like to be refunded 100% of your subscription fees. 

Does Console Cloud’s extra productivity come at the cost of building quality relationships with clients? 

Actually, the opposite. By reducing the amount of work required to manage a portfolio, Console Cloud users actually get more time to have better quality conversations with owners and demonstrate more value.  

Are there any hidden traps or ways for Console Cloud to refuse a refund?

Provided you have met our terms and conditions, no. If you’ve met the terms, and find that Console Cloud has not made your team 30% more productive, we will issue a refund—no questions asked. 

Are there any extra costs associated with using the features specified in the terms and conditions?

Yes—our automated arrears SMS service requires you to pay for SMSes. You can choose an SMS bundle in Console Cloud that is right for your agency size. Console Pay also charges a micro-fee when it direct debits out of a tenant’s account, but this fee can be passed on to either owners or tenants, as per your State’s legislation. 

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