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Unlock the power of business intelligence for real estate with Console Cloud’s Insights Pro. Insights Pro is packed with intuitive property management performance reports,  that allows you to make more and grow more. Fully integrated into Console Cloud, you can access these tools all within one system. Here is just some of the reporting functionality Insights Pro offers.


Summary Dashboard

Navigating to the Insights tab in Console Cloud, you’ll get an instant overview of your business performance. You’ll see average monthly revenue, annual management income, average management fee, and a revenue breakdown represented by score cards and column charts.

Percentile change indicators just below each of these scorecards lets you track changes against your performance from month to month.

You’ll also see rent roll value and total properties in your portfolio displayed here, so you can get a clear, holistic view of your business.

Work vs Income

Perhaps the most revolutionary piece of business intelligence in the real estate industry is the work vs income calculator. It examines the profitability of each property under management by calculating how much work it takes to manage, versus how much income it produces.

In other words, the work vs income chart lets you rank your portfolio from least profitable to most profitable, so you can prioritise performing properties, and ditch unprofitable ones.

Arrears Benchmarking

Measuring your agency’s arrears management against other offices on Console Cloud. Compare each day’s  outstanding rent. Evaluate how well your agency manages arrears against other agencies in your state, and then benchmark arrears on a portfolio basis.

Office Roll Up

Get an in-depth view of all your offices in a single screen. You’ll be able to evaluate the performance of offices, portfolios and property managers by measuring them against the same set of metrics.

Business performance measurement through property management KPIs

Property management KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allow principals and directors to view their rent roll’s performance at a glance.

Console’s Insights Pro gives you instant access to these metrics. To name a few from some of the reports we’ve mentioned, the following KPIs could be incorporated into your business: maximum number of properties with low commission rates, vacancy rate vs suburb average, max number of days in arrears, max percent of landlord churn per year, maximum number of low income properties and more!


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We believe the next generation of real estate software should do more than digitise existing checklists and filing systems.
It should meaningfully reduce an agency’s manual task load, and it should also meaningfully power an agency’s growth and success. That’s what Console Cloud does—and that’s also why it’s designed a bit differently to other software.

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